Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister, Samantha Markle, Trashes The Media And Says She’s Not Writing A Tell-All

Chris JacksonGetty Images

She seems nice — Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has made headlines again, and once again, she’s made them for all the wrong reasons.

The Duchess’s half-sister, who has become known for her outrageous behavior, has taken to the press to trash the press, reports The Wrap. Samantha, who gave her “exclusive interview” to right-wing site Breitbart, says that the media didn’t portray her accurately at all, and compared their coverage of her to the Salem Witch Trials.

Claiming that she said “so many positive things” about her half-sister that was never printed, Samantha Markle said that the media is now printing “slander” and “libel” about her, and they don’t care if she sues them, because the “lack of sales” they’d get would hurt them more than any lawsuit she could file.

For what it’s worth, slander refers to spoken words that are untrue, while libel refers to printed words that are untrue. Legal experts argue that the burden of proof of either form of defamation lies with the defendant (in this case, Samantha Markle) and is very difficult to prove unless the defendant can establish, not only malicious intent, but actual loss suffered as a result of intentional lies. Truth, say legal experts, is nearly an absolute defense against slander and libel.

But Meghan Markle’s half-sister didn’t stop there.

According to the Daily Star, Samantha Markle — whom Piers Morgan once dubbed a “vulture” — went on to say that she only wishes her half-sister “absolute happiness,” and refuses to write a tell-all book, even though she says she knows she’ll make “amazing money” if she does so.

Never one to shy away from dramatics, Samantha Markle went on to say that she’d rather “slit her wrists” than write an expose of her half-sister and her family.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister also went on to say that her ultimate goal was to “uplift” her sister — that, in several interviews, she went into extensive detail about what she “loved” about her sister, but “the media” would never print it, even when she asked them to.

“I’ve always loved her. Even though I’ve disagreed with some of the recent events which didn’t make sense. Just because you question or criticise siblings, doesn’t mean you love them any less,” she said.

Meghan Markle, for her part, remains unbothered by the rantings of her half-sister, because she’s more concerned about “adapting” to royal life than she is about the family that a friend of Prince Charles called “frighteningly common.”