‘Queer Eye’ Season 2’s William Married Girlfriend Shannan After Proposing On The Show’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Queer Eye Season 2 was everything fans of Season 1 were hoping for. The show that makes over visible things like fashion and grooming in the lives of its subjects is surprisingly emotional because changing the visible often results in changing the invisible; love lives for example. Such was the case in Season 2 for William Mahnken who proposed to his girlfriend, Shannan, in the “A Decent Proposal” episode, and it seems life has continued in a positive direction as Queer Eye announced in their Instagram account Saturday that William and Shannan have tied the knot.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, when the Fab 5 (Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski) first met William, Jonathan declared they would put the “sass” into “Sasquatch.” When Tan found out that his fashion icon was Frasier Crane, he knew he had his work cut out for him, but, as always, he and the rest of the team turned everything around for Mahnken.

After the Fab 5 had William looking dapper, gave a fresh look to his apartment, and taught him a thing or two in the kitchen, he took his girlfriend, Shannan Eller, to an outdoor movie. After they found a seat, he excused himself to get a drink and readied himself for the proposal while Shannan watched a short film he had created in which he tried to come up with a new word for love.

Toward the end of the film, he asks himself, “What’s bigger than love?” His answer was “Shannan,” and every eye on the Queer Eye team and in the Queer Eye audience filled with tears. At that point, William came running from just offstage to where Shannan was sitting. Wearing a white tux and down on one knee, he asked her to marry him. With her eyes also full of tears, she accepted, and they embraced.

William also shared his news with Instagram followers on Saturday and filled in some details. The happy couple has been married since June 16. It took place on the beach of Amelia Island at sunrise. The ceremony was small and private and was officiated by their friend, Deborah Ramey. William referred to Shannan as his best friend in his post.

Since the “A Decent Proposal” episode aired, Queer Eye fans and the Fab 5 have taken to substituting Shannan’s name for the word “love.” Because of this, many of the comments on both William’s post and Queer Eye‘s post say things like, “I Shannan you both” and “I Shannan you guys.”