The Complicated Story Of Hunter Richard, The Teen Whose MAGA Hat Was Taken In Whataburger Altercation

The story continues to develop about a teenager whose “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat was stolen by an assailant who cursed at him and threw a drink at him. was making racist remarks before the incident, according to a witness who asked to remain anonymous.

As Dallas TV station WFAA-TV reports, the unidentified witness says the viral video of the assault doesn’t tell the whole story.

As you may know, Hunter Richard, 16, was at a San Antonio Whataburger, enjoying a meal with some friends, when a man, later identified as Kimo Jimenez, allegedly cursed at him, threw a drink at him, and then ripped Hunter’s MAGA hat from his head, pulling out a few hairs in the process.

“You ain’t supporting s**t n****r!… B***h a** m**********r!”

You can see the video of the alleged assault below, but be warned: it contains strong language.

Meanwhile, University City, Texas, police have arrested Kimo Jimenez, according to the Inquisitr, and charged him with theft of a person, the legal term for strong-armed robbery. His bond was set at $5,000. Jimenez has also been fired from his job.

However, the few seconds of the video don’t capture the entire story, according to WFAA. Before the incident took place, according to an alleged witness, Hunter and his companions were making racist remarks.

An alleged witness to the assault — whose claims are subject to question — claims Richard was that the teens said they hoped the movie The Purge would become real, but only for African Americans and Latinos. The Purge is a movie series that takes place in a universe where all crime, including murder, is legal in America for 12 hours on the night of July 4.

But, as the New York Post points out, another local TV station, WFMY, ran a similar story as WFAA, alleging that a witness overheard such remarks. According to the post, “The station later removed the incendiary quotes without explanation.” As of this writing, the story has been removed completely.

San Antonio station KENS5, however, has an explanation for walking back its own report of its anonymous witness, with the following disclaimer.


“An earlier version of this story included quotes from the alleged witness. Those have been removed from this copy due to concerns about the legitimacy of the statements.”

Hunter Richard is open to discussing differences of opinion, it seems. In speaking to My San Antonio, he expressed mixed feelings on Jimenez’s fate but a willingness to have a conversation.

“I’m mixed on it,” Richard said. “I do feel like he deserves what he got. He unlawfully came over, stole a hat and chucked a drink in my face. But at the same time, people make mistakes.”

“He has a right to his opinion,” Richard said. “I’m down for other opinions, and I’m open to conversations. Let’s talk through this and come to some sort of agreement or neutral ground.”

Editor’s note: the original version of this story also included the aforementioned quotes from the alleged witness to the altercation. They’ve since been removed, as their veracity has been called into question as the story has developed. The Inquisitr is dedicated to accuracy and will update this story, like any other, as new information becomes available.