'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers For Monday, July 9: Nikki Believes J.T. Plans To Kill Victor!

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, July 9 prove Genoa City spins out of control as the week beings. Nikki and Sharon spiral downward after they spotted J.T. Plus, Kyle finds himself way in over his head, and now he's dealing with trouble.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Sharon (Sharon Case) spiral out of control after seeing J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) standing outside Sharon's, according to She Knows Soaps. For weeks now they've heard that J.T. was alive and headed towards Genoa City, and yet, they didn't believe it because they thought they'd killed him and buried his body.

However, now, they've seen with their own eyes, and they absolutely believe. J.T. tried to kill Victor (Eric Braeden), and Nikki and Sharon worry that he's going to try again. They try to warn Victor, but Victor never picks up the phone. Ultimately, they leave him a message about the fact that J.T. is back and could be headed his way.

However, it's possible that J.T. could be back to find Victoria (Amelia Heinle) instead. Ultimately, Nick (Joshua Morrow) finds out they saw J.T., and he heads out on his own to find him. The one thing nobody does is call the police.

Jack (Peter Bergman) finally did the right thing and dropped his lawsuit that hinged on Dina's (Marla Adams) testimony because she is in no condition to take the stand and testify. Her illness has gone too far, and Jack cannot put his confused mother on the stand and overwhelm her with stress like that. Of course, that leaves him without a lot of options for proving the truth of his DNA.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) finds himself in serious legal trouble when he tries to help his dad, by literally digging up Phillip Chancellor's grave. In fact, Kyle's way in over his head both literally and figuratively. Plus, he ends up in jail for his little stunt.

Jill (Jess Walton) comes back to Genoa City, and she's irate to find out that Kyle's digging up graves and Jack's digging into the past as he has been. Now Jack has both Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Jill fighting against him, but so far it seems all he really wants is to know the truth of his paternity. Of course, it wouldn't be the worst thing even if that truth also came with a vast Chancellor fortune.

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