Three YouTube Vloggers Die After Falling Over A Waterfall

A trio of YouTubers have died after falling over a British Columbian waterfall, Vice News reports.

The three who died were Megan Scraper, Alexey Lyakh, and Ryker Gamble. Both Lyakh and Gamble were part of "High On Life SundayFundayz," a group that has garnered a large following on social media by filming their adventures and exploits all around the world. Scraper and Lyakh (pictured above), were in a longtime relationship.

Over the past few years, Gamble, Lyakh, and their partner Parker Heuser (the third member of "High On Life") have assembled a massive following. Their Facebook page has gotten over 100,000 likes, and their YouTube page just passed the 500,000 subscriber mark. More impressive is the group's Instagram account, which has amassed over 1 million followers. Their posts usually show off high octane stunts like cliff diving, jumping into pools from balconies, and front flipping over friends and family.

In 2017, both Lyakh and Gamble were thrust into the spotlight following an incident which occurred at Yellowstone National Park. Having traveled there from Vancouver to film a video (the friends are natives of Canada), the duo towed the line after deviating from the boardwalk at Yellowstone, as well as using a bicycle off the designated roadway at Death Valley National Park in California. Other infractions include performing commercial photography without proper permits, as well as using a drone in a restricted area of a national park.

The two pled guilty to multiple charges and spent a week in prison. Furthermore, they were banned from U.S. public lands for a total of five years and were ordered to pay thousands of dollars in various fines. Furthermore, they were ordered to "remove from all social media and commercial use all photographs or video taken of illegal activities in Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Death Valley National Park, Corona Arch and Bonneville Salt Flats Bureau Land Management lands."

On July 3, Scraper, Lyakh, and Gamble took a trip to Shannon Falls, located near Squamish, British Columbia. Witnesses report that Megan Scraper slipped and accidentally fell into the water at the top of the waterfall. In an effort to save her, Gamble and Lyakh dove into the waters. Unfortunately, all three were swept up by the current over the falls. There were no survivors.

A memorial video was posted to the group's Facebook page, which we've embedded above. A GoFundMe memorial fund has also been set up.