WoW player suing for 1m, claims game ruined his “life”

Gentleman, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life…

Sometimes, the funny posts almost write themselves. A World of Warcraft gamer is suing the makers of the geek-crack game because- I’m not making this up- he has no life. Erik Estavillo is seeking $1m, accusing the game developers of “sneaky and deceitful practices” which apparently lead to the complainant becoming a complete and utter loser. Gamespot breaks down the charges against WoW, released to them by Estavillo:

Specifically, the gamer accuses the publisher of maintaining a “harmful virtual environment” with “sneaky and deceitful practices.”

He first takes exception to the game’s $14.99 monthly subscription fee, calling it the highest of any MMORPG. He contends the fee is aggravated by the game requiring players to travel great distances at a slow walking or running pace, with fast travel options like teleportation stones and mounts only available to gamers who rise to an advanced level or purchase the game’s expansion packs.

He also cited the game’s resurrection process, in which players travel in spirit from cemeteries back to the spots where they died in order to revive themselves, as an unnecessary part of the game designed to cost gamers money.

Estavillo isn’t even a noob when it comes to suing big names in the gaming industry. Previously he attempted litigative shenanigans against Sony for violating his First Amendment rights for a Playstation bannination, Microsoft for undue stress due to a broken XBox 360, and Nintendo for another ban interfering with his right to pursue happiness.

Clearly a completely reasonable man who is totally not out of his gourd, Estavillo is also subpoenaing Depeche Mode’s Martin Lee Gore and Winona Ryder, two celebrities he feels understand alienation and therefore are relevant to testify in his batshit crazy lawsuit. At the time of this gacking, Blizzard and Activision had not responded to Gamespot’s request for comment in the case.