Curt Schilling Promotes Trump As Hero Of The ‘QAnon’ Conspiracy Theory

Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling has come out as one of the “enlightened,” with full support for an interpretation of a conspiracy theory that paints President Donald Trump as the hero the world needs. For those who don’t scour internet forums and Twitter looking for conspiracy theories, QAnon is probably something that is completely unfamiliar. That is not without a good reason; the theory is cloudy at best, and bordering on giggling-alone-in-the-corner insane.

With that said, the QAnon theory has hooked so many followers because it is engaging. It is just true enough and just cryptic enough that almost anyone who wants to can find some form of meaning. Followers of QAnon find clues on various message boards that have been left by someone that is only identified as “Q.” This “Q” could be one person, or 100 people. No one knows. The clues that “Q” leaves are supposed to point to real world events, all of which build on one another until what has been dubbed “The Storm” arrives. The Storm is supposedly when Trump orders the arrests of an unknown number of global elites that have caused all of the evil and damage in the world. It is assumed that Trump will not be among them.

While to many, this is all fun and games, some people, like Schilling, have begun to take QAnon very seriously, and the consequences of that have not always played out well. One individual used an armored truck to block traffic on the Hoover Dam to display a sign referencing QAnon, as reported on the Daily Beast. Others have been linked to hacking attempts trying to find information that QAnon has hinted exists on government servers.

Schilling has admitted that he has only recently gotten serious about QAnon, but has had some ideas about it for several months.

For anyone that isn’t interested in watching the video, it is described as being bizarre, even by QAnon standards. It refers to every president since Ronald Reagan as a criminal president, aside from Trump, and comes complete with hooded figures, creepy music, and some disturbing images for shock effect. QAnon further goes on to blame this evil cabal of elites for Sandy Hook, hijacking the Kim dynasty in North Korea, and the Las Vegas shooting, just for starters. The reason for all of that evil, according to QAnon, is to protect their wealth and power while keeping everyone else poor and powerless, and the only way to end it is for Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the military to join forces and take down the global elites.

Schilling is no stranger to controversy, and in his support for this pro-Trump QAnon theory, he has caused a stir again. While most public figures back away from talking about QAnon openly, even if they might believe in it, so far it has really only been Roseanne Barr who is keeping Schilling company. Out of baseball and broadcasting, Schilling really has nothing to lose by going public with his theories on anything. Except maybe a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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