‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4, Episode 4 Results And Review, ‘Pain, Love And Sacrifices To The Gods’

Lucha Underground

With a talented roster and over-the-top dramatic storylines, Lucha Underground continues to be one of the most entertaining wrestling shows around. Thus far, Season 4 of Lucha Underground has featured some great talent, and Episode 4, “Pain, Love and Sacrifices to the Gods,” continues that trend with Jake Strong, Chavo Guerrero, and Johnny Mundo all being featured in The Temple this week.

Show Opening

As reported by the Inquisitr, last week the show closed with Mil Muertes delivering a flatliner on Fenix and locking him in a coffin to claim victory in a three-way to the grave contest. This week, Fenix is seen in a coffin seemingly dead. Catrina walks up to his lifeless body, kisses him, a beam of light radiates behind her, and she states that her life begins again.

A grieving Melissa is shown looking at romantic selfies of her and Fenix on her phone. Catrina enters the scene and tells Melissa not to cry, and that Fenix is never coming back. Catrina states that Fenix gave his life to the woman who truly loves him, says that woman is herself, and she gives Melissa a pendant to remember him by. She then says she has never felt more alive thanks to Fenix’s sacrifice.

Big Bad Steve vs. Jake Strong

Jake Strong, formerly known as Jack Swagger in the WWE, made his in-ring debut for Lucha Underground two weeks ago in a tag team match where he teamed with Sammy Guevara and Big Bad Steve with Famous B in their corner. As reported by Uproxx, at the end of that match, he swiftly changed his alliance with Infamous Inc. by placing Famous B in an ankle lock. It was announced this week that Famous B has had multiple surgeries because of the ankle lock, so Strong is already over big time with The Believers.

This week, Jake made his singles debut for Lucha Underground by squaring off against his former partner. Chants of “Strong” could be heard off and on throughout the contest, and it was refreshing to hear a supportive crowd that wasn’t trying to hijack a show. This was a quick one and Jake looked, well, strong. This was essentially a one-sided squash match with Jake hitting all of his patented moves, including the ankle lock to get the tap-out and the victory.

After the match, at the ringside floor, Jake delivered a devastating gutwrench powerbomb on Big Bad Steve. While Jake is clearly being built as a strong wrestler in Lucha Underground, there was nothing special or new to see here. The one thing a wrestling audience doesn’t need to see is a squash match featuring a well-known wrestling veteran. It would have been more impactful for Jake’s character if he had won against an opponent with more clout than Steve, but bigger matches for the former WWE champion are surely on the horizon.

Cueto and Cuerno

Antonio Cueto is shown in his office drinking and talking with King Cuerno. King tells Antonio that the Gauntlet of the Gods has been stolen. Cueto gives Cuerno the opportunity for revenge by wrestling Chavo Guerrero for an ancient Aztec medallion of King’s tribe later in the show. Antonio tells Cuerno that if he wins the medallion, he will have the power to compete for the Gift of the Gods, and he will then later have a chance to become Lucha Underground champion.

The monstrous Cage then walked into the office and said that he wants to face the champion, Pentagon, and finish the job that he started last week. Cueto states that just because Cage attacked Pentagon it doesn’t mean he deserves a title shot. Cueto then books a contest for next week where Cage will face Mil Muertes for an ancient Aztec medallion.

Daga and Kobra Moon vs. Johnny Mundo and Taya

These four squared off in a tag team intergender match. Taya and Daga started off this contest by exchanging various holds. Mundo was eventually tagged in, and he looked as sharp as ever. Out of nowhere, PJ Black ran to ringside and interfered by kneeing Moon in the back of her head, and the referee didn’t see it. Taya took advantage of the situation by delivering a stiff stomp on Moon to get the three-count.

Taya, Johnny Mundo, and Daga were celebrating in the middle of the ring when Vibora came out to end the party. For those that haven’t seen Vibora, he’s a giant, muscular man that moves like a cruiserweight. He delivered a series of superkicks, headbutts, and moonsaults on all three competitors while the crowd chanted “this is awesome.” This was the most exciting sequence of the night, and like he often does, Vibora stole the show. The Reptile Tribe then taunted Mundo, who was selling outside the ring, by attacking Black and Taya in front of him.

Mr. Pectacular vs. Matanza Cueto

Before the match, we see a silhouette of a man punching a body that’s tied up and dangling. The man beating up the bound victim is revealed to be Matanza, and in a horror-like sequence, Cueto tells “The Monster” that it’s time.

Back at The Temple, Antonino cuts a promo on Mr. Pectacular and says that this is his first, and possibly only, singles match in Lucha Underground. Cueto states that this is a first-ever sacrifice of the gods match, and that Pectacular is the sacrifice and Matanza is the god.

“The Monster” then hit the ring and quickly destroyed the newcomer, and Matanza delivered his wrath of the gods to get the three-count. The Temple audience chanted “sacrifice” as Pectacular mysteriously vanished from the ring. Unlike the Strong contest, this was an effective squash match as “The Monster” is being built as an indestructible, supernatural force.

King Cuerno vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

As expected with these two phenomenal athletes, this was a solid 15-minute match. The two exchanged offense for the beginning moments, and Chavo had a lot of shine throughout this Lucha Undgerground main event. There were several high spots, including a stunning suicide dive by Cuerno on Guerrero. Chavo eventually went for his patented three amigos, but during the third suplex, King blocked it and hit his finisher, a modified tombstone piledriver, to get secure the pinfall and the Aztec medallion.

This was probably the weakest episode yet of Lucha Underground Season 4, but it still had two exciting matches, and they successfully built on some intriguing storylines. Next week, we can look forward to what should be an exciting match with Cage squaring off against Mil Muertes.

Lucha Underground airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on the El Rey Network.