‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4 Episode 3 Results, Epic Three-Way To The Grave Main Event

Lucha Underground thrilled fans with their first three seasons, and Season 4 looks to be doing the same thus far. Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 3 is titled “Rest in Pieces,” and it featured only two matches, but per their usual, the episode had plenty of drama. As the Inquisitr reported, last week’s Lucha Underground marked the debut of former WWE wrestler Jack Swagger, now wrestling under the moniker of Jake Strong. “Rest in Pieces” may have only featured two contests, but the main event was one of the company’s best matches this season.

Per their usual, Lucha Underground opened with previous happenings, including the execution of Dario Cueto, and the announcement of this week’s three-way to the grave consequences match between Fenix, Jeremiah Crane, and Mil Muertes. At the beginning of “Rest in Pieces,” Johnny Mundo held a backstage meeting with Worldwide Underground, and Ricky Mandel was holding a creepy Annabelle-like doll. Mundo told the bunch that they have their marching orders, and then we get our first match.

Xo Lishus vs. Jack Evans

New to Lucha Underground, as Indy Wrestling Life documented, Xo Lishus, formerly known as Sonny Kiss, is proudly representing the LGBTQ community, and he is breaking down barriers and stigmas of professional wrestling. Where Lishus may not have been as welcomed by a wrestling audience just a handful of years ago, he received a heartfelt welcome from the Lucha Underground crowd.

Jack Evans has been wrestling since 2000, but don’t get too comfortable with him on this show. As LWOS reported, Evans has parted ways with Lucha Underground since this pre-taped season.

The styles of these two wrestlers worked great in this match. Jack worked like a pure heel, and Evans got the crowd to rally behind him. Xo delivered a number of combination kicks and moves, and eventually hit Evans with an x-factor from the top rope for the three-count. Lishus really shined in this contest, and hopefully he will have plenty of more matches in the weeks to come.

Following the contest, Lucha Underground champion Pentagon Dark cut a promo in the ring. He announced that anyone is welcome to take a shot at his title, but that they will end up broken if they do so. The massive Brian Cage then jumped into the ring, attacked the champ, and hit Dark with a powerbomb off the apron that sent Pentagon crashing through a table. “The Machine” then got on the microphone and announced that he will become the next Lucha Underground champion.

In a backstage segment, Melissa told Fenix that she doesn’t want him in the next match and expressed that she can’t lose him. Fenix reassured her that this was something he had to do, and then the couple kissed. This was a refreshingly romantic segment that built the story and the drama of the next contest.

Fenix vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane

Three caskets eerily surrounded the ring donning funeral flowers. Each coffin has one of the wrestler’s name on it, and in order to win the match, a wrestler has to put each of his opponents in the appropriate casket.

This was a solid 30-minute contest with nonstop action. The coffins were used as props for the workers to do their business, including a spot where Muertes powerbombed Crane off of the casket. Tables were also utilized in this contest, and toward the middle of the match, Crane delivered a piledriver on Fenix through one of them.

Later, a bloodied Crane was selling when Ivelisse hit him, Jeremiah crashed into his casket, and she closed the lid eliminating him from the match. It was now a one-on-one contest between Fenix and Mil for the rest of the match.

A casket was propped in the corner, and Muertes recklessly threw him into it. Mil had most of the heat for the rest of this one with Fenix having a few false comeback spots. For the finish, Fenix leaped at his opponent, Mil caught him with a flatliner, and then placed him into the casket for the victory. After the contest, Catrina sensually and eerily rubbed the coffin in approval.

Backstage, Antonio Cueto talked with his son, Matanza, who was bound by chains. Cueto told him that he has a key that holds his soul and said that he is weak for caring about his brother, Dario. Antonio commented that he’s meant to be more than this, he tossed Matanza the key, told him to destroy the soul of his son and become a god, and then the chains fell off.

Lucha Underground airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on the El Rey Network.

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