‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: George Hamilton’s Cameo As KFC’s Colonel Sanders Teased In New Sneak Peek

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing a wild cameo coming up this week and now a sneak peek has emerged breaking down the setup involved. George Hamilton will be popping up in Port Charles as KFC’s Colonel Sanders and people will be interested to see whether viewers love this stunt or hate it.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, the KFC Twitter account had been tweeting about General Hospital for a bit, leaving fans somewhat perplexed. Soon photos emerged showing George Hamilton as the KFC Colonel alongside actress Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis, and it all started to come together. Hamilton will be making a cameo as Sanders on Friday’s episode and it looks like Maxie and Lulu will do the honors of interacting with him.

The General Hospital Twitter page shared a tease about Friday’s cameo, but it’s a different sneak peek that shares some of the context about how this plays out during the July 6 show. Entertainment Weekly shares the General Hospital sneak peek that sets up the Colonel’s appearance.

Viewers will see Maxie and Lulu chatting, and Maxie will look at a text and note that the Colonel is witty and gets the art of texting. She’ll explain that he happens to be a friend of hers and Maxie will add that she asked him to stop by for a visit. Lulu will be stunned and this is where Hamilton pops up in this General Hospital cameo.

According to Daytime Confidential, this appearance comes as a result of a newly-signed branded content pact between General Hospital and KFC. The soap-related tweets from the KFC account will seemingly continue, and Hamilton’s cameo will provide an opportunity for the chain to hype their new pickle fried chicken.

How are General Hospital fans reacting so far to this partnership? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like folks are necessarily loving it. Commentary suggests that it’s clunky and forced, with some wondering whether a fashion or makeup related collaboration might make more sense in this kind of product placement. On the other hand, some people point out that soaps are facing tougher financial challenges by the day, and if this type of partnership can give GH a boost, it’s worth watching.

Of course, it may well be that both GH and KFC know that this comes across as rather clunky, and they are just trying to have fun with it in the hopes that viewers will too. George Hamilton’s appearance as KFC’s Colonel Sanders comes during Friday’s episode of General Hospital and it sounds as if fans may want to brace themselves to see more of the same type of scene down the road.