Rapper Pusha T Says The ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Is This Generation’s KKK Hood

Don’t expect to see rapper Pusha T joining friend Kanye West in wearing one of Donald Trump’s trademark Make America Great Again hats anytime soon.

In an interview with the Guardian, the rapper made it clear that despite working closely with West, the two are far apart politically. While Kanye infamously posed in his Make America Great Again hat as he professed his unwavering support of Donald Trump, Pusha T doesn’t see what the president has done that’s so great for Americans.

“The Make America Great Again hat is this generation’s Ku Klux hood. When was America so great anyways? Name that time period?”

Despite the sharp division on politics, Pusha T (who has served as the president of Kanye’s GOOD Music label) said he has a great admiration for West and what he has accomplished. Pusha explained that he was working with West at the time the rapper made remarks that slavery sounded like a choice, and pressed his friend on how wrong he saw that statement to be.

“Well, when he did TMZ, I flew to Wyoming the next day [to confront him]. We spoke about insensitivity,” Pusha said. “The actual messaging. Where I felt he went wrong. You can’t even paraphrase about situations and issues that are so personal to people. When it comes to death and real-life people and persecution and things where families have been divided, you have to be more careful.”

The two have been able to stay close through their division, with Kanye West recently playing peacemaker between Pusha T and Drake in their feud, the New York Post reported.

It is no surprise to see Pusha T delving into politics, especially when it comes to his opposition of Donald Trump. He was involved in Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper campaign, which promoted mentorship for young black boys and men. He was also quite active during the 2016 campaign, throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton and leading efforts to get people to register to vote.

As he explained in an interview with Business Insider, Pusha T has actually done a lot to use his power to make America great.

“I volunteered to speak at the prisons, anything I can do in regards to rehabilitation,” Pusha T said. “Because it’s beyond just lessening the sentences — it’s about when people get home, having an opportunity and a shot, a real shot, just whatever I can do.”

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