Prince William Has Been Giving Brother Prince Harry ‘Tips On Fatherhood’ After His Wedding

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Prince William has been giving Prince Harry tips on fatherhood, an anonymous insider source tells Closer Weekly.

William would know a thing or two about fatherhood. The 36-year-old is already the proud papa of Prince Geroge, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, who’s only a few months old. Prince Harry, 33, isn’t a dad yet – it’s only been a few weeks since the ink has dried on his and Meghan Markle’s marriage license! But of course, royal weddings are almost always followed by royal births, or at least, rumors of same, and Prince Harry is all but expected to produce an heir to the Dukedom of Sussex.

To that end, royals expert James McCourt tells the magazine that little royals are in Harry and Meghan’s futures.

“Harry and Meghan haven’t officially announced that they’re trying to start a family, but they have given hints that children are definitely part of their plan.”

And indeed, the would-be Uncle William has been prepping Harry for the job, says an anonymous royal insider.

“William has been giving Harry tips on fatherhood. And Harry and Meghan see the time they spend with their nephews and niece as good practice.”

In fact, Meghan has been a part of the lives of her niece and nephews ever since she and Harry made things official. And of course, Harry has been a part of their lives ever since the first of them was born.

Of course, the relationship between Auntie Meghan and her nephew Prince George, who will almost certainly one day be the king of England, has been the subject of tongue-in-cheek playfulness from English Instagram user Gary Janetti. As you may remember, some photos of Prince George captured on the day of the royal wedding showed him not exactly living his best life. Whether that was because he hates his auntie or because, more likely, the 5-year-old would rather have been literally anywhere else that day; we’ll leave to the reader. But Janetti has been having a blast with it, according to Time.

“I have done nothing to deserve that look.”

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Joking aside, it looks like the families of Prince Harry and Prince William are getting on just swimmingly. The two princes have been inseparable since they were little boys, and they and their families just live a few doors down from each other on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Considering that both boys were largely raised by nannies, it’s unclear what sort of “fatherhood tips” Prince William will be able to offer to Prince Harry.