‘CDAN’ Reveals ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Fears Exposure From An Alleged Sex Tape

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Today, Enty, the entertainment lawyer who hosts Crazy Days And Nights posted a big reveal that embattled Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel fears that an alleged sex tape will soon be exposed. Rumors of a tawdry tape have been making the rounds for years, but today Enty wrote that a former rumor has been confirmed as being about Thomas Ravenel.

In May, Enty posted the rumor as a blind item on Crazy Day and Nights but now he has written in black and white that it is indeed about Ravenel.

“This A- list reality star who used to be famous for something else in his life should be on the lookout for that coke filled sex tape he probably doesn’t remember shooting. It will end whatever career he has left, which shouldn’t be any after his past actions.”

Ravenel has thought he had put his cocaine conviction behind him, but the recent investigation by the Charleston Police of rape and sexual assault allegations have brought his conviction on federal cocaine charges back to the front pages. Gawker wrote about Ravenel’s prior trouble with cocaine at length, saying that the former politician was so confident the matter was behind him, that he joked about it when he ran for Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat.

But at the time of his arrest on distributing cocaine while he was the South Carolina state treasurer, his father, politician Arthur Ravenel, confirmed that his son was having problems with the drug.

“He’s in pretty bad shape, you know. He’s got a drug problem. We suspected it.”

But by the time he started on the Bravo show Southern Charm, he thought his cocaine problems were behind him and even made jokes on camera about his cocaine past.

“It was just something I did in my personal life and I didn’t really have a problem with cocaine. What I realized later was I just really liked the smell of it.”

But it made executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith uncomfortable.

“Bro, no more coke jokes, please.”

But FitsNews has included clues along the way about an alleged sex tape, or at least its participants. Back in 2015 when things first got out of control between Southern Charm co-stars Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel, the topic came up at the Season 2 reunion. Dennis made accusations about a woman only called “the lesbian,” and the fur flew about Ravenel being involved with the said woman and her friend in an intimate manner. Ravenel dismissed the accusations and attempted to turn it around on Dennis, suggesting that she was crazy.

FitsNews shared a photo of Thomas and the woman kissing, which Ravenel had deleted, but FitsNews editor Will Folks saved a screenshot.

Leading up to the reveal was another not so blind item by TamaraTattles which suggested that this unnamed man on a reality show had a girlfriend he was trying to shake, but the girlfriend was holding a sex tape over his head.

“Allegedly, she has a sex tape that she is using as her ace in the hole to avoid working. That will work until the multiple police investigations are resolved.”

It’s unclear what happened today to make Enty validate his former blind item with Ravenel’s name, but it’s possible that people who have seen the alleged sex tape are finally ready to talk.