‘Impeach 45’ Trump-Related Apparel Fires Up Conservatives, Walmart Facing Calls For Boycott Against Them

Conservatives are rallying to boycott Walmart after it was noticed that they are carrying some 'Impeach 45' shirts on their website.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Conservatives are rallying to boycott Walmart after it was noticed that they are carrying some 'Impeach 45' shirts on their website.

Walmart has many people throughout the country feeling stunned over a selection of apparel with “Impeach 45” on it that has gone viral on social media. Calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump are not entirely unusual among Democratic lawmakers and liberal voters, but it does seem shocking to many that the conservative-leaning retailer would have these items available.

The Walmart site online currently has about a dozen shirts of various sizes and styles for sale that have “Impeach 45” printed on the front of it. It doesn’t appear that these are sold by Walmart or in the stores, but rather, by a third-party seller that makes them available via the giant retailer’s site. Regardless, people have taken notice and a sizeable contingent of shoppers are voicing their outrage.

Fox News details that there is now an effort by conservatives to boycott Walmart as a result of the items they are currently listing related to the Trump impeachment rallying cry. The hashtag #BoycottWalmart has started to trend on Twitter and it seems that the chairman of Students For Trump, Ryan Fournier, was one of the first to notice the items and take his outrage to social media.

As the International Business Times notes, Walmart does sell a variety of items that are quite in line with the feelings of the Trump “Make America Great Again” crowd. A variety of caps echoing the “MAGA” mantra are available, as are “Trump 2020” shirts and a sizable range of other pro-Trump items. Despite that, many social media users who support the president and his agenda are angry and threatening to boycott Walmart if they do not pull down the Impeach 45 shirts.

How will Walmart respond to the outrage over the Trump impeachment apparel? So far, it doesn’t appear that they have addressed the situation. Many would imagine, given the demographics of the Walmart customer base, that the organization will likely respond relatively quickly and take these Impeach 45 items off of their website.

Granted, this is not the first time that conservatives have called for boycotts against businesses or products since President Trump took office. Starbucks, Netflix, Amazon, the play Hamilton, and the NFL have all faced similar cries over the past year or two, and the conservative boycotts have had varying levels of success.

How will Walmart react to the criticism against the handful of Impeach 45 shirts they sell that Trump supporters are outraged about? Many will be curious to see how long it takes for the mega-retailer to weigh in on this one.