July 1, 2018
'Big Brother 20' Episode 3 Spoilers: Showmance Blossoms, Alliances Form, And BB App Store Twist Revealed

The first Sunday episode of Big Brother Season 20 has come to a close, and with it came a steamy showmance, the season's first fight, and the reveal of the BB App Store twist which the Inquistr previously reported on. The last episode left off with Sam and Steve put up on the block by the first Head of Household, Tyler.

Things got tense between Sam and Kaitlyn after having a conversation in the pantry regarding nominations. Kaitlyn said she understood Tyler's choice to put up Steve and Sam, which didn't sit well with the welder. Sam was in robot form for the conversation, still under punishment for losing the spelling-stacking challenge last week.

A showmance began between Bayleigh and Swaggy C, who snuggled up in bed together and shared some steamy kisses just a few nights into the competition. Bayleigh called out her new beau on his nickname, poking fun at him for giving himself his own moniker and not inheriting it from someone else. Swaggy C immediately regretted the hook up, believing it was going to ruin his game, as it normally does when houseguests get involved in showmances.

Sam felt alienated after coming out of robot form and felt the entire house was ignoring her. She had the first breakdown of the season and called everyone in the house fake and wished she could be back home in Virginia with her real friends. Spunky JC called Sam out politely, telling her she needed to appreciate the experience and that thousands of people wish they could be in her shoes, advice which Sam ultimately welcomed.

The first ever slop of the season was introduced and Brett, Winston, Scottie, and Kaitlyn all nominated themselves to be the first have-nots. The revelation of the have-not room soon followed, which revealed the three-foot satellite dishes the have-nots would have to sleep on.

An official alliance formed between Tyler, Winston, Brett, Rachel, Angela, and Kaycee. The group called themselves "Level Six" and created a handshake to go with their new group. Later, Swaggy C and Faysal propositioned Brett to form an alliance, which Brett soon ratted out to his "Level Six" houseguests. The house came to a consensus that Swaggy C was trying to run the house, and clearly no one was feeling it and a plan came into motion to backdoor Bayleigh to get at the basketball player.

Rockstar, Kaitlyn, Swaggy C, Faysal, and Haleigh formed their own alliance, which interestingly enough left out Bayleigh.

The BB App Store twist was revealed to the houseguests, which allows viewers to select the top trending houseguest throughout the season. The selected houseguest will be given a special power that they choose from the BB App Store. The least trending houseguest will be given a punishment, which they will also choose from the store. Once a houseguest is picked as trending, they will not be given the advantage again in the game.

The first top trending houseguest was Sam, which was revealed in private. Sam chose an app titled "Bonus Life." This power allows Sam to return to the Big Brother house if she's evicted within the first four evictions. She may also choose another houseguest to bestow the honor on. If Sam doesn't use the power in the first three evictions, whoever gets evicted in the fourth elimination will have the chance to return.

The least trending houseguest honor went to Faysal. Faysal had to choose between five "crap apps" which were not explained, and Faysal ultimately chose "Hamazon." Throughout the week, Faysal will be sent ham which he has to eat immediately for his punishment.

To see the season's first POV winner, watch Big Brother this Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Check your local listings for all Big Brother airings as the show regularly changes its schedule from week to week.