Here Are The Ten Best Movies Coming To Netflix, HBO, Prime, Hulu, And Shudder In July

Horror, Drama, Comedy, all are present and accounted for, in the best streaming picks of July.

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Horror, Drama, Comedy, all are present and accounted for, in the best streaming picks of July.

Sometimes the world of online movie streaming can seem daunting. Too many options is a variable in the equation for indecisiveness. It seems often enough, many Americans spend more time perusing the vast selection on Netflix than actually watching it. Throw Hulu, HBO, Shudder, and Amazon Prime in the mix? Well that’s just overwhelming.

Since Slate has reported the list of movies coming to streaming platforms in July, it’s important to know which titles are the “must-see” movies, and which ones people can afford to wait on. So here are 10 absolutely unmissable titles coming in July.

10. Menace II Society (Netflix)

This is a gritty, unflinching look at life in the inner city. Lorenzo Tate’s intense performance of a brutal, remorseless young drug-dealer is unforgettable.

9. The Act Of Killing (Amazon Prime)

A documentary on the life of an Indonesian death squad leader, this film is uncomfortable to watch at times, but carries a deeply human message at its heart. Famous documentarian Werner Herzog served as executive producer.

8. American Psycho (Hulu)

Based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis, Christian Bale plays a psycho killer obsessed with his appearance. Dedicated to being seen as a member of the New York elite, Patrick Bateman educates audiences about Huey Lewis and the News, stresses the importance of conformity to his friend Paul, never goes running without a good pair of shoes, and helps Sabrina get over a debilitating procrastination problem. He’s also quite violent. Viewer discretion strongly advised.

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7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Amazon Prime)

It’s a classic horror comedy fearing clowns, popcorn, cotton candy, and a dog named Pooh Bear. Horror doesn’t get anymore goofy, or fun.

6. Thirteen (HBO)

Things get uncomfortable in this raw drama about the secret lives of two teenage girls. As artistically relevant as it is foreboding to parents, Thirteen is not an easy watch, but perhaps a necessary one.

5. Creepshow 2 (Shudder)

Most people, horror fan or not, have seen the original, Creepshow. This slept-on sequel features perhaps the best segment of all within the beloved comedy-horror franchise, called “The Raft.” Based on a short story by Stephen King, this mysterious entry is worth the watch alone. The other two segments are great fun as well.

4. Angel Heart (Hulu, Amazon Prime)

It may have gotten voodoo all wrong, but Angel Heart is a cinematic experience not to be missed. Featuring Robert De Niro as the devil, you’ll never look at gumbo the same way again.

3. Her (Netflix)

Perhaps Spike Jonze’s magnum opus, Her, is a different kind of romance. Praised for its emotional resonance and sense of color, Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson knock it out of the park.

2. Mulholland Drive (Amazon Prime)

Called the greatest movie so far this century, alongside There Will Be Blood, Mulholland Drive is David Lynch’s cinematic masterpiece and defies all description. A mind bending experience starring Naomi Watts.

1. The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder)

Beloved horror movie expert Joe Bob Briggs returns one last time. Revered from his time hosting TNT’s Monstervision in the ’90s, this is Joe Bob’s last time hosting televised drive-in movie nights. It’s also his first time in more than two decades. This one isn’t just a movie, but 12 horror movies! Why is it No. 1? Because it’s time sensitive. This can only be viewed live on Shudder, beginning Friday, July 13, at 9 p.m. EST.