Katie Holmes Confirms Split With Jamie Foxx, Says She Had 'Trust Issues'

After five years of secretive bliss, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have called it quits on their relationship.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple -- who prided themselves on keeping their relationship under wraps -- have officially split up. They went public with their relationship for the first time last September.

It was Katie Holmes, not Jamie Foxx, that called it quits on their relationship because she couldn't get over her "trust issues" with her now-ex-boyfriend.

Jamie, as it turns out, couldn't stop flirting with other women, and that drove Katie crazy.

Fortunately, however, the split between the two wasn't filled with drama, fighting, and yelling. Rather, Katie merely called Jamie up, crying, and saying she couldn't "do this anymore."

"He heard her out, then simply said 'I'm sorry,' before hanging up," according to a source close to the actress.

But Katie Holmes is far from crying in her coffee. Holmes, who has a 12-year-old daughter, Suri, from her marriage to Tom Cruise, is "low-key" dating a lawyer based in New York City. She hasn't gone public with the relationship yet, because she wants to make sure that he's "the one." She hasn't even introduced him to Suri as yet!

If it turns out that this mystery lawyer is, indeed, Katie's new beau, expect her relationship with him to be just as low-key as her former relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Katie and Jamie were first romantically linked in 2013, but consistently denied reports of their pairing, insisting that they were merely "good friends."

One of the main reasons that they kept their relationship low-key was because they'd both been in public relationships -- and public splits -- before, and didn't want to put themselves through the drama and aggravation of a public split.

The pair, who met through Katie's ex-husband, Tom Cruise, eventually became "comfortable" with one another and went public with their relationship in September 2017, when the paparazzi caught them walking hand-in-hand on the beach in Malibu.

At that time, a source told several outlets that the duo was "getting serious," which was very important to Katie, especially since she'd "lost herself" during her marriage to -- and subsequent divorce from -- Tom Cruise.

Eventually, however, she went "back to her old self" and became more comfortable with the thought of dating Jamie.

Now, however, that their relationship is kaput, it looks like Katie Holmes will have to find her true love with someone else...perhaps someone that's not so much in the spotlight.