Paris Jackson Reacts To Alleged Tweet From Her Grandfather Joe: He ‘Did Not Tweet This’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

A recent Twitter post, written on Joe Jackson’s account, is now being denounced by his 20-year-old granddaughter Paris Jackson. In a tweet of her own, Paris appears to be slamming the individual in charge of her grandfather’s account.

The social media post in question shows a photograph of the Jackson family patriarch silhouetted against the sun. In the picture, Joe appears to be enjoying the sunset, but the caption is what drew special attention from Paris, reports US Weekly.

The photograph posted on Joe’s account was captioned with the following.

“I have seen more sunsets than I have left to see. The sun rises when the time comes and whether you like it or not the sun sets when the time comes.”

The message appeared as if Joe Jackson may be opening up about his terminal cancer for the first time, calling his own mortality into question.

Paris retweeted the post to her own Twitter account and commented on the beauty of the sentiment, however, according to Paris, is no way that Joe Jackson could have sent the tweet.

“It upsets me to see whoever is in charge of this account taking advantage of it. My grandfather did not tweet this. I’m not sure if he’s ever used this account.”

In the comments of the message, Paris stated that she was with her grandfather “all afternoon and evening” and that there is “no possible way for him to have tweeted it.”

The Inquisitr recently reported on Joe Jackson’s ongoing battle with terminal cancer. His son, Jermaine Jackson, stated that Joe doesn’t have long to live. According to sources, Joe’s wife Katherine has been near his bedside. His children and grandchildren have also been spending time with him at the hospital. Paris is no exception and has made reference to this herself.

Radar Online reported that the Jackson family is preparing for Joe’s passing. A source close to the family told reporters that Joe Jackson doesn’t have much time. The family has been making funeral plans.

Michael Jackson fans haven’t always been pleased with Joe Jackson and the way he allegedly treated his children. That being said, as Janet Jackson was accepting her 2018 Radio Disney Music award on Friday, June 22, she had an emotional message for fans.

“My mother nourished me with the most extravagant love imaginable, my father, my incredible father, drove me to be the best that I can.”

A source close to the family told news outlets that “Joe wants to be buried next to Michael. So he’ll be laid to rest in the mausoleum, and so will Katherine. The Jacksons have already bought multiple plots at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, have spoken to police and arranged car services.”