Jana Kramer Surprises With Announcement Of Baby No. 2 On The Way

Congratulations are in order for Jana Kramer as she just announced that she is expecting her second child. She and husband, Mike Caussin, are parents of two-year-old Jolie and will be getting ready to welcome baby number two in the fall. The country singer made the announcement via Instagram with a cute photo included.

The snapshot featured the three of them sitting on a cozy leather couch with a message board leaning in front of them. It said, “Only child expiring November 2018.” Jolie has a sweet smile on her face. Jana Kramer is about four months along in her pregnancy and couldn’t be happier, as she excitedly mentioned on social media.

“Surprise! We have a rainbow baby on the way & couldn’t be more excited! Jolie is going to be a big sister & we’re becoming a family of 4!”

According to Kramer’s podcast called Whine Down on Monday, she also revealed that she has had two previous miscarriages that were very heartbreaking for her and her husband. She said that she was 10 weeks along in her one of her pregnancies when she lost the baby.

“We’ve both had a really hard time with this one because, you know, the one we lost in last October—we went to our 10-week ultrasound and it was gone. We had already heard the heartbeat, and I was sick. So, that was just really hard.”

She has had a couple of chemical pregnancies as well. These losses have definitely been very hard for this couple. The One Tree Hill actress revealed in the podcast that she had previously used IVF to get pregnant. She mentioned that this time she wore an Ava Woman bracelet that is used to track her cycle. It is supposed to tell you when your five most fertile days are to be able to conceive a child. Kramer did things naturally using the bracelet to get pregnant this time around.

Kramer had been dealing with pretty bad morning sickness as well. She actually did a little promoting of something she used to help combat this pregnancy symptom. It was more of an ad that she posted on her Instagram along with the pregnancy announcement.

Caussin is just as thrilled about this baby as his wife as he mentioned on the podcast. They had a rough patch in their marriage in 2016, but they ended up being able to repair their relationship and are now about to become parents of two kids very soon. He said that they have a greater appreciation for this miracle baby with having to go through such a hard time with the miscarriages.