Former ‘General Hospital’ Star Bryan Craig Posts Big Tease On Instagram And His Followers Go Wild

Ever since actor Bryan Craig decided to leave General Hospital and the role of Morgan Corinthos there has been speculation that he would eventually return. He had seemed open to the possibility for a while, and he did make a brief cameo not too long ago as a ghostly Morgan. However, GH fans still want a full-blown return and a recent Instagram post of his got fans buzzing as they thought he’d confirmed exactly that.

Over the weekend, Bryan Craig posted a photo of himself on Instagram and it immediately got fans wondering if it was connected to his former General Hospital character of Morgan Corinthos. One follower asked if the post meant that he was headed back to GH and he replied that the post was “almost exactly” what it meant.

That’s all it took for social media to run with the idea that Craig was stepping back into the General Hospital character of Corinthos. Many social media groups, and even some media outlets, said the actor’s return as Morgan was happening and that Bryan had confirmed it himself via this comment. Others cautioned excited viewers, and many even pointed out that GH could refer to another important project of Craig’s.

Those who have been following the former General Hospital star since his departure know that he has recently been working on an Eva Longoria project titled Grand Hotel. As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Grand Hotel is based off of a Spanish program and Craig was cast to play a core character named Javi. TVLine recently detailed that the show had been picked up by ABC and it should make a debut in early 2019.

Luckily, Craig didn’t leave General Hospital fans hanging for too long on this supposed return. He took to his Instagram Stories and said that a friend of his is a bit of a prankster and apparently got the ball rolling on this tease.

Bryan explained that he went along with it for a bit, but no, he’s not stepping back into the role of Morgan. Bryan said that the only GH he’s involved in, and planning to be involved in at this point, is Grand Hotel.

For General Hospital fans, Grand Hotel looks like a show that is definitely worth checking out. It’s just the kind of primetime drama that has been missing for a while, many would say, and it sounds like it’ll be a fun show to watch.

As for Morgan Corinthos and General Hospital, it seems that fans will have to continue to hope for a change in direction on this front. Morgan’s body was never found, and this storyline with Carly and Nelle would mean this is a great time for a surprise return. However, Bryan Craig has now confirmed that despite his big tease, he’s not headed back to the role, at least not at this point.