ABC's 'The Bachelorette' Week 5 Spoilers: Becca Kufrin Faces Fresh Drama As Wills And Chris Butt Heads

New Bachelorette spoilers are out for Episode 5 with Becca Kufrin that is set to air on Monday, June 25. Everybody is headed to Las Vegas, Nevada together, but it doesn't look like everybody will be getting along all that well.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Becca Kufrin will have a group date involving song lyrics and Wayne Newton as her time in Vegas begins. There's also an intense two-on-one in the Week 5 show, but the latest Bachelorette spoilers hint that the there is another spot during Kufrin's time in Vegas where tensions flare.

Entertainment Weekly shares the new preview for Episode 5 that showcases the next face-off that's on the way for Becca. At some point in Monday's episode, the guys will be jostling for time with Kufrin. It's not entirely clear whether this is during a group date after party or a cocktail party before a rose ceremony, although it does look like it's probably a pre-rose ceremony gathering.

Wills Reid charmed Becca during his one-on-one date in Utah and it looks like he's still got an easy chemistry with Kufrin as they reconnect in Vegas. The two will sit down together and joke about how nerdy they both are, and Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Chris Randone will show up and want to steal her away.

Kufrin will actually tell Randone that she just sat down with Reid, insinuating that she's not ready to end her current conversation. However, Chris isn't taking no for an answer. Wills agrees to give Chris two minutes, as Randone insists that it's very important that he gets some time with the Bachelorette, and Becca agrees this is fine. Reid says, however, that he will be returning after two minutes so he can finish his conversation.

Chris begins to talk to Becca and references an earlier conversation they had that didn't go as he intended. Wills doesn't stand too far away, and he does return after a couple of minutes. Unfortunately for Randone, he didn't get very far in the time he had with Kufrin.

Reid returns, and when Chris tries to get more time with Becca, Wills says that his fellow bachelor has already had time with her that evening. Chris maintains that it's "legitimately serious" that he needs more time with the Bachelorette. In response, Wills questions whether Randone is insinuating that Reid's time then isn't serious with her.

While there's no yelling or threats involved here, Bachelorette spoilers detail that the air will be thick with tension as the two men butt heads over who gets to continue talking with Becca. At this point, she's watching this all play out, but she'll surely share her thoughts as the scene continues Monday night.

Is there a rose on the line as this confrontation continues? There may have been, but Bachelorette spoilers reveal that both Chris Randone and Wills Reid will get roses and move on to Episode 6 and the chance to travel to Richmond, Virginia with Becca Kufrin.

ABC's The Bachelorette 2018 spoilers tease that sparks will be flying in Las Vegas as Becca Kufrin's feelings for several of her guys deepen. It won't be all champagne and roses, however, as some of the men will be sent packing and somewhat heartbroken to boot. Don't miss Episode 5 of Becca's journey to find love when it airs on Monday, June 25.