‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Becca Kufrin’s Two-On-One In Week 5 Pits Model Jordan Against The Chicken Guy

The two-on-one date is an awkward encounter in every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and spoilers detail that Becca Kufrin’s outing in Episode 5 will be especially rough. Producers often put two contestants on this date who don’t like one another and that’s definitely the case here. What new spoilers have emerged about this one?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Becca Kufrin will be going on her two-on-one with Jordan Kimball and David Kravitz. Viewers have watched Jordan the model butt heads with David, the guy who made a big entrance on the first night while wearing a chicken suit, so naturally, these two get the nod for this awkward outing.

E! News shares a new preview of the Week 5 event. David has made it clear that he’s no fan of Jordan, and in the Bachelorette spoiler preview, he notes that Kimball is an idiot and he can’t wait to send him home. As for the model, he claims that he’s not intimidated by Kravitz, although he has spent a lot of time this season trying to prove how superior he is to his fellow contestant.

Becca does mention in the preview how she could move forward with one of these guys, or neither of these guys, and according to Bachelorette spoilers for how this turns out, that comment might signal a bit of foreshadowing. Kufrin, Kimball, and Kravitz will take a limo out to the desert and the clip highlighting the date makes it clear that this will not go down as Kufrin’s favorite date.

At one point, David will tell Becca that Jordan has talked about how he’d be settling to end up with Becca, and it looks like he may say this in front of his nemesis. Kimball doesn’t hold back either, though, as he says that Kravitz manipulates words.

Kufrin will vocalize that this is all very frustrating, and Jordan will eventually claim that “being me is my greatest power” as he claims that David is “worse than Arie.” ABC’s Bachelorette spoilers promote this as an “intense showdown” and it seems fairly likely that fans might be left hanging with this date unfinished at the end of Episode 5.

Who gets the rose and who heads home? According to Bachelorette spoilers, David gets eliminated during the date and Jordan will surely think he’s getting the rose. Chances are that the episode may end here, but no matter when the June 25 show ends, it seems that Kimball will end up eliminated, too.

Luckily, Becca Kufrin has said she’s in love and happily engaged and Bachelorette spoilers hint that a current frontrunner who has shared major sparks with her will get that final rose. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelorette on Monday, June 25 to see this intense two-on-one and see just how Jordan Kimball and David Kravitz handle their eliminations.

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