Kevin Smith Shows Picture Of Nearly 100-Pound Weight Loss, Says He No Longer Has To Shop At Big And Tall Store

Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch /IPX

Kevin Smith has a new lease on life, and the Clerks director has a new look to match.

This week, the 47-year-old filmmaker took to Instagram to show off pictures of his nearly 100-pound weight loss, which he said has allowed him to graduate from the Big and Tall to the normal section when buying jeans.

“Visited the @destinationxl I’ve been going to for over a decade. Since I’ve lost weight, I was looking to get some new jeans,” he wrote. “But I was shocked and delighted to hear, ‘We’re a speciality store. We don’t carry jeans that small.’ I nearly cried. I’ve lost too much weight to buy jeans at a Big & Tall store! And let’s face it: tall was never my issue!!”

The picture went over well with fans, who commended Smith on the discipline he’s shown in dropping nearly 100 pounds and how much better he looks now. Smith had long been open about his struggles with weight and past attempts to drop some pounds, which he had difficulty sustaining.

He has been on the right track for several years now, and continually shedding weight. Smith cut out sugars three years ago, telling Us Weekly back in that he lost 85 pounds thanks to the new discipline. So it came as a surprise to Smith when he suffered a heart attack this year, but it motivated him to lose even more weight, dropping 32 more pounds on his own. It’s not clear the total amount of weight he lost since the start of the journey, but he appears to be in the neighborhood of 100 pounds lighter since he was at his heaviest.

The director has some help along the way. Kevin Smith gave a shout out to Weight Watchers (he’s a spokesman for the company) and said it has helped him to find renewed health in the wake of a near-fatal heart attack. He has also said the most important part was cutting out the sweets he was so fond of (Smith previously shared that he could down an entire pint of ice cream while doing production work on his movies).

This is not the first time Kevin Smith has invited fans to get a glimpse of his weight-loss journey. Since suffering a heart attack, Smith has given a number of updates including some side-by-side pictures that show just how far he’s come already.

More pictures of Kevin Smith’s weight-loss journey can be found here.