Production Has Officially Started On Stephen King’s ‘It: Chapter 2’ As Proven By Pic From James McAvoy

Stephen King has been around for decades and brought forth some of the most memorable and terrifying stories to the world, but he’s not close to going away. A number of King’s novels have been turned into films over the years, but there is no shortage of them now and another has just started production. James McAvoy hopped on social media to share an amusing photo, but the more important thing is that it signaled the start of production on It: Chapter 2.

As reported by Inquisitr, the remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary just started its production on Monday of this week and it is now underway. Last week, it was revealed that Ewan McGregor would take on the lead role in King’s Doctor Sleep which is a sequel to The Shining.

After last year’s It: Chapter 1 destroyed the box office and brought in more than $700 million around the globe, it was a given that the sequel would be coming. This time around, the Losers Club will be all grow up and still having to deal with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown.

Screen Rant noticed that James McAvoy shared a humorous photo on Instagram detailing his excitement with having Babybel cheese in his trailer. More importantly, the caption stated that it was “Day 1 on IT 2.”

While having his favorite cheese available to him on the set may be important, the Stephen King fans of the world find it more important to know production has begun.

Andy Muschietti is returning to direct the second chapter of It and that isn’t surprising after how well the first one did. In It: Chapter 2, 27 years have passed since the events with the kids in Derry and it will cover the adult portions of Stephen King’s novel.

It is highly expected that this movie is going to bring forth just as much success for a number of reasons, and a big one is that moviegoers want to see the story completed. As Collider points out, though, it doesn’t hurt to have a phenomenal cast to take on the roles of the Losers Club.

  • James McAvoy – Bill Denbrough
  • Jessica Chastain – Beverly Marsh
  • Bill Hader – Richie Tozier
  • Jay Ryan – Ben Hanscom
  • Isaiah Mustafa – Mike Hanlon
  • James Ransone – Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Bill Skarsgard – Pennywise/It (returning)

Even though the second part of It is going to focus on the group as adults, the actors who played the younger version of the Losers Club are expected back in some capacity. Stephen King’s It was one of the true theatrical hits last year and the expectations are very high for It: Chapter 2 when it opens on Sept. 6, 2019. Horror fans certainly have a lot to be happy about with two Stephen King remakes starting production within mere days of one another.

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