French Haunted House Can Be Yours For Only One Euro

An alleged haunted house in France is currently up for grabs on Facebook. The price of this cursed property: one whole euro.

The owner of the house claims a murder which took place during the 50s has left the place infested with supernatural phenomena. According to, the entire tract of land can be yours to own and cherish if you’re willing to part with a single euro.

A number of creepy events have reportedly taken place around the house over the years including the sudden unexplained movement of random objects. The current owner also stated that she has heard voices and murmuring as well as random knocks on the walls, windows, and doors.

Although these occurrences are reportedly linked to the homicide that took place inside the house, MSN reports the killing has not been confirmed by authorities since no bodies were found inside the residence. However, corpses were unearthed in a nearby field.

The owner insists the individuals who owned the house during the 50s were murdered by a group of thieves who were after some sort of treasure contained inside the home. Although the bodies were later discovered and removed, the spirits still dwell inside the residence.

Since the ad has generated its fair share of skepticism, the woman stated that she is only fielding offers from those who are seriously interested in the property and the spirit world.

Yahoo! News is currently reporting that someone may have already parted with one euro to acquire the French haunted house. The website reports that the owner has likely sold the property to someone who apparently doesn’t mind eerie sounds or phantom faces in the windows.

If the supernatural entities which dwell inside the house are too much for the new owner to withstand, there’s a chance the French haunted house may return to the auction site in the near future. Be sure to have at least one euro waiting in the wings.

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