Sarah Palin’s Son Pleads Guilty In Assault Case Against His Father, Avoids Jail Again

Track Palin, the oldest child of Sarah and Todd Palin, pleaded guilty today in court to assaulting his father after breaking into the Palin family home after being told to stay away. Track Palin appeared unshaven, wearing a ball cap and dark sunglasses while appearing in front of the judge to accept a plea that would keep him out of jail once again.

The Anchorage Daily News is reporting that Palin pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of misdemeanor criminal trespassing which stems from an incident just before Christmas at the Palin family home in Wasilla, Alaska (Track Palin, 29, lives elsewhere). Track Palin has been enrolled in a prosecution diversion program for veterans that provide therapy instead of incarceration for former military. Palin was originally charged with felony burglary along with criminal mischief and misdemeanor assault.

Court records say that Track Palin will have to undergo counseling and drug and alcohol testing to keep his end of the plea deal.

“If he successfully completes the requirements of Anchorage Veterans Court — including months of drug and alcohol testing, counseling and weekly court appearances — he will be sentenced to 10 days in jail. He will serve one year if he fails to complete the program.”

Palin already served the 10 days when he initially couldn’t make bail.

This is Track Palin’s second time in the diversion program of the Anchorage Veterans Court. In December 2016, Palin was arrested for domestic violence and weapons violations. Court records indicate that he never completed that program, yet was allowed another chance.

Anchorage District Attorney Rick Allen says that counseling and drug testing is more difficult than a year in jail.

“The easiest thing for him to have done would have been to plead guilty, do a little jail time and be done. The more rigorous thing is to go through a court like jail court. That’s what people who are thinking more long-term and really want to better themselves do.”

Track Palin has two children by two different women, as the Inquisitr reported, and he is banned from seeing either child without supervision and permission through the court. Britta Hanson, the mother of Track Palin’s daughter Kyla, has a restraining order against Palin. Hanson, and well as Palin’s other ex, Jordan Loewe says that the son of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was physically abusive and threatened them with a gun.

Sarah and Todd Palin were not in court today to hear their son take a guilty plea in the assault on his father.

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