Demi Lovato Breaks Down In Tears On Stage In Manchester

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Demi Lovato broke down in tears on stage in Manchester, England, as she addressed the thousands-strong crowd who came to see her perform at Manchester Arena – the same location as the horrific bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert last year that left 22 people dead. Manchester Evening News reports that Lovato was visibly emotional as she spoke to the crowd during her show on June 16, crying as she spoke about the attack.

Tears sparkled on Lovato’s face as they caught the stage lights while she told the crowd that it “means so much” to have so many people attend the show just over a year after the incident.

Demi said that she’d been told by a number of fans that they were attending their first show at the arena since Ariana’s a year ago in May 2017.

“I can’t imagine how hard everything must feel,” Demi said as she began to cry. “Well I’m going to give it up for you guys because you guys have stood up and said ‘we’re not going to let them win.'”

The former Camp Rock star then added that she and everyone who had gathered that night were all there to celebrate music. “[It’s] something that we all love and something that no-one can stop us from enjoying,” she said.

Demi then dedicated her extremely emotional ballad “Skyscraper” to the victims of the attack that BBC reported claimed 22 lives last year, as well as performing the hit for their families.

“I dedicate this song to the people that we lost over a year ago right here in Manchester,” Lovato said while on stage at the arena, “and all the friends and all the families that were affected, this goes to you.”

The site reported that Lovato also had a heartfelt message to her fans in Manchester after the show.

Demi Lovato cries while on stage at Manchester Arena
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“It was an honor to perform for you all,” Demi told her fans in the British city after the show in a message posted to her Twitter account. “Thank you for being such an incredible audience.” She then noted that the audience was “so strong.”

Though Demi was not present at the big benefit concert Ariana organized in the city to raise money for the victims of the attack last year, Refinery29 reported that she was quick to offer support to her fellow pop star on Instagram after the news of the bombing broke.

Posting a black and white photo of the two hugging to her Instagram page, Lovato wrote at the time that she was “so sorry you had to go through this” in an emotional message for Grande, who she affectionately called “Ari.”

This tour is giving me life.. I love you guys ????

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“This isn’t fair and nobody should have to go through this,” the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer then continued in her heartfelt message for Grande. “My thoughts and prayers are with you and the victims. I love you so, so, so much.”

Demi’s tears during her show in Manchester this weekend came shortly after the star performed an entire show in Antwerp, Belgium, last month with her sunglasses on after telling the crowd that she was covering a black eye.

Lovato apologized to fans for not showing her eyes during the show in May, telling the audience that she’d been working out by boxing before the concert and had accidentally been punched in the face by her sparring partner during the intense exercise session, leaving her with a black eye.