John Cena Says He Will Have A Vasectomy Reversal Just So Nikki Bella Can Have Kids

Angela WeissGetty Images

John Cena and Nikki Bella certainly know how to keep themselves in the news, even though their breakup has allegedly been exposed as a work to help the Total Bellas ratings.

Now, according to People Magazine, the couple has decided to redefine “doing the most” with their most recent announcement: John Cena is willing to get life-changing surgery just so Nikki Bella can have children.

The outlet confirms that Cena made the decision to have the vasectomy reversal during last night’s episode of Total Bellas, when the two were discussing their reconciliation.

Bella cried that she thinks Cena would be the “best daddy in the world” during their reconciliation dinner, but Cena reminded her that he’s “physically unable” to have children.

He also said he was willing to have the vasectomy reversal just to give her the children she wants — and he was even willing to go back on his “no kids ever” policy because having Nikki in his life is more important than his formerly hard-and-fast rule.

Bella, of course, is worried that he’ll “change his mind” when the kids get here, and John Cena reassured her that he’s made his mind up about having children with her.

While, so far, John Cena and Nikki Bella look to be back together, according to a different report from People Magazine, there’s a chance that their wedding will be canceled if other “major problems” can’t be resolved before they jump the proverbial broom.

Earlier in the Total Bellas season, Nikki confessed to her mother and to her twin sister, Brie, that there were “major problems” that weren’t addressed in the six years that she and Cena were together.

Nikki’s main issue with him is that he wanted a “strong career,” but in order to get that career he so desperately wanted, “he lost the woman of his dreams.”

Most interesting of all is that Nikki decided to go forward with a nine-day bachelorette party after splitting up with Cena. It looked like they’d briefly reconciled before officially calling off the wedding because, at the party, Nikki confessed that she thought that she and Cena “might be calling off the wedding again.”

It looks like the wedding between John Cena and Nikki Bella is back on — for now — but it’s unclear when the couple will officially tie the knot.