How To Rescue Dogs From Annual Yulin Meat Festival

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are loving, supportive, and just overall good. Unfortunately, in some areas in China, dogs are more than just a furry companion, they are also sometimes breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Every year in June, China holds an event called Yulin, the dog-eating festival. According to the Express, as many as 10,000 dogs would be put to death to be consumed as food eight years ago. However, thanks to many dog lovers, that number has dropped to about 2,000 or 3,000 dogs. The worst part about the dog-eating festival is that some of the dogs may have been pet-napped from their comfortable homes and loving parents, according to the Tree of Life Philanthropy Merit Association.

“For the so-called ‘summer solstice to eat dog meat’ custom, tens of thousands of dogs are poached and brutally killed every year, and most of them are pet dogs that get stolen by dog thieves from the owner’s home or on the street.”

Even sadder, though, may be the dogs which were bred and raised to be food by farmers. These dogs are the ones that need to be shown compassion the most. Luckily, China has become more aware of dog-eating practices and events like the Yulin festival, and have spoken out against it. Now most people in the Asian nation have voiced their concerns about the practice and have even gone on record to say that eating dogs ruins the country’s reputation.

At present, dog lovers in America have teamed up with dog lovers in China to save thousands of furry lives. One rescuer, Odessa Gunn, revealed to Newsweek that anyone in China could save dogs meant for the plate by simply asking for documentation and paperwork. According to Gunn, most drivers don’t have paperwork for the dogs which allows rescuers to confiscate all the furry friends.

For those who want to help save these lovable creatures, there are adoption shelters who have harbored these animals. Some of the dogs are sent to America and are up for adoption. One shelter is the South Hampton Animal Shelter, which gives pet lovers an array of ways to help their rescues. Another shelter in Asia that has opened its doors to Yulin rescues is the Soi Dog Foundation.

For those who want to participate in ending the Yulin festival altogether, you can sign the Care2 petition, which is a petition to China’s president, Xi Jinping. The petition asks the Chinese president to end dog-eating practices altogether.