Darrelle Revis Shocked About Trade Talk

It’s no secret Darrelle Revis wants to be a Jet for the rest of his career. Now he’s letting the public know that he is shocked by the trade rumors surrounding him.

The New York Jets are in the middle of an incredibly complicated financial situation that will make it hard to keep expensive players like Darrelle Revis past next season.

The team made it known earlier they are willing to look at trades for their star defensive back.

Now Darrelle Revis is jumping into the conversation himself. He let his surprise be know via his Twitter account earlier today. He describes himself as “speechless,” and sounds like a man who wishes he had more control.

If Revis is traded it is a clear sign that Rex Ryan has very little say in the direction of the New York Jets going forward. NFL.com’s Greg Rosenthal recently reported that Ryan wants to keep Revis.

The Jets are having trouble keeping their organization private recently. Not only is the Darrelle Revis trade news clearly a leak from the Jets’ camp, but it was also leaked how the team owner talked about Rex Ryan to possible GM candidates. It was not pretty.

So, why can’t the Jets pay Revis what he will likely make in free agency after next season? With the contract the team awarded Mark Sanchez before last season started, the organization simply doesn’t have the money. Cutting Sanchez wouldn’t help the problem either, almost all of his contract is guaranteed.

Here are Revis’ tweets responded to all trade talk:

What do you think? Does Darrelle Revis have a right to be upset?