Gwen Stefani’s Kids Reportedly Showering Blake Shelton With Father’s Day Gifts

Gwen Stefani’s children, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma are reportedly planning to shower her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, with Father’s Day gifts. The trio is often seen spending a ton of time with Blake and plans to celebrate the special holiday with him before seeing their own father, Gavin Rossdale.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, the boys have planned some big surprises for Blake Shelton, and since they’re no good at keeping secrets, they’ve been letting little details spill.

“Blake is very much looking forward to Father’s Day this year. He knows Gwen’s boys have all sorts of gifts planned for him. They’re not very good at keeping secrets so they’ve told him what half of them are. Apparently, he’s getting all kinds of stuff for the outdoors. They’ve even got him a new pair of waterproof camo overalls,” the insider claims.

However, Blake Shelton reportedly doesn’t care about the gifts, all he wants to do is see the gets get excited about picking out his presents and watching him open them sweet gifts. However, sources claim that Father’s Day is “bittersweet’ for Blake, as he longs to have a biological child of his own, and would love to do so with Gwen Stefani.

“Blake doesn’t care about gifts, but to see the kids get so excited about what they’ve picked out, that’s a thrill for him. Blake’s always wanted sons and although he’s not technically their dad, he does feel like Gwen’s kids are family. He loves them like his own. The holiday is bittersweet for Blake. He is not giving up hope that one day, he and Gwen can have a baby together to share the holiday with.”

Sources go on to say that Gwen Stefani’s children love Blake Shelton dearly, and often scream and holler when he walks into a room. In addition, the country music singer is said to love being with Gwen and the boys and wants as much time with them as possible.

The insider adds that as rumors that Gavin Rossdale may be engaged are beginning to swirl, Blake Shelton is hoping that the reports are true because if Gavin is wrapped up in his brand new life and planning a wedding then he may get even more quality time with the children and Gwen Stefani. “Blake has his dream woman and his dream family, and he wants as much time with them as he can get,” the source claims.

Meanwhile, fans seemingly continue to wait for the news that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are planning their own wedding, but the couple has been staying quiet about any possible marriage talk.