Julie Chen Recreates Iconic ‘Big Brother’ Exit Meme Ahead Of Season 20 Premiere

Bill InoshitaCBS

Julie Chen is celebrating the premiere of Big Brother Season 20 in a hilarious way. In honor of the landmark season of the CBS reality show she has been hosting since 2000, Chen recreated one of the most iconic GIF memes that originated from a popular contestant’s exit on the long-running summertime series three years ago.

Chen posted a video to Twitter which showed her recreating two-time contestant Da’Vonne Rogers’ animated exit from the Big Brother house after her eviction on Big Brother Season 17 back in 2015.

“I maaayyyyyy have decided to recreate some of my favorite gifs from #BigBrother as we countdown to #BB20,” Julie tweeted. “RT if you know this one!!!”

Da’Vonne Rogers famously laughed and pranced while swinging her handbag as she made her way through the Big Brother doorway and back into the real world in the 2015 clip. One year after her memorable Big Brother exit, a GIF of Rogers’ exit went viral. Da’Vonne’s Big Brother exit continues to be one of the most widely-used memes on Twitter and Tumblr to this day, according to E! News.

Chen’s recreation of Da’Vonne’s exit moves had Big Brother fans in a frenzy. You can Julie’s the hilarious GIF below.

Da’Vonne Rogers gave Julie’s imitation of her a thumbs up. Rogers retweeted Julie Chen’s tribute, writing, “Meanwhile over at CBS…Yes Julie GIRL!”

Da’Vonne Rogers was a houseguest on Big Brother 17 and Big Brother 18. During her first season on the show, she was involved in a lot of drama and blow-ups with the other houseguests and was promptly evicted in week two. But Da’Vonne redeemed herself the following summer when she was invited back to compete in the Big Brother house. Rogers became a fan favorite known fondly as Mamma Day. She lasted until week six on Big Brother 18 and became the first member of that season’s jury. Da’Vonne returned to the show last summer to bring her “character” to life for the Big Brother Comics competition.

Featured image credit: Johnny VyCBS

While some Big Brother evictees appear to be sad when they are sent packing from the show sans the $500,000 grand prize, Da’Vonne’s happy dance was probably attributed to the fact that she was ready to leave the Big Brother drama and go home to her daughter. Ahead of her Big Brother stint, Rogers told CBS that being away from her young daughter would be the hardest part of her summer on the three-month reality show.

“I spend so much time with my daughter, so to leave her for three months is going to be hell, but I have to remember this is all for her,” Da’Vonne said at the time.

Rogers was also very well aware of her status as a meme queen. In 2016 she posted a clip of her famous GIF meme to Instagram, writing, “Soooo I heard while I was in the bb house this meme of me went VIRAL. Lol I love y’all so much. It did it again last night with tweets regarding the presidential debates. #shewon.”

You can see Da’Vonne Rogers’ original Big Brother meme below.