Former Congressman Tom Tancredo Loses Bet, Will Smoke Dope For The First Time

Tom Tancredo, the former GOP congressman and 2010 Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate, will be toking on a joint for the first time as a result of losing a bet about whether the pot legalization referendum would pass in his state.

Although he never smoked pot, Tancredo supported Amendment 64 that now makes it legal for a person over the age of 21 to possess an ounce of marijuana and to grow up to 6 marijuana plants in the home, but he didn’t think voters in Colorado would go for it. It turned out that he was wrong.

The former lawmaker is living up to the wager that he made in a video about Amendment 64 with stand-up comic Adam Hartle according to Fox News:

” ‘True or false, when Amendment 64 passes and marijuana is legal, the next time I’m out in Colorado, we’re going to smoke a joint together?’ Hartle asks.

” ‘Deal,’ Tancredo answers without missing a beat.

Tancredo, 68, is a man of his word, and he will inhale some weed:

” ‘Look, I made a bet with the producer of the film that if Amendment 64 passed (I did not think it would) that I would smoke pot. I will therefore smoke pot under circumstances we both agree are legal under Colorado law.’ “

As The Inquisitr previously reported, supporting the legalization of marijuana is consistent with Tancredo’s small government philosophy. The ex-congressman previously noted that he fought for the elimination of ineffective and wasteful government programs during his career in public office and he adamantly believes that no program has ever failed in such a unique manner as the prohibition of marijuana use.

The documentary film ended with this crawl: “Please help us get Congressman Tancredo rocky mountain high!”