Tesla Fans In California Perform Music Video With A Dozen Electric Cars

Teslas are steadily becoming the “it” car for artists in the music industry. Artist and actor Jaden Smith, for one, made headlines after featuring his Tesla Model X in the music videos for his songs “Icon” and “Like This.” Just recently, Tesla enthusiasts from California upped the ante, shooting a music video featuring 12 of the premium electric cars.

The song, titled “Steezy” and performed by local artist Joey Morales, features five Model 3, four Model S, and three Model X. According to Tesla Club So-Cal president Marty Morrise, the owners of the electric cars traveled from all over California and Arizona to take part in the music video. The shoot was set in the city of Downey, just a couple of miles away from a new Supercharger installation.

In a statement to the Inquisitr, Morales (known in the local hip-hop scene as The Hyphenate) described his track as a “fun, braggadocious, hip-hop club song.” According to the artist, “Steezy” generally means “to have style or swag.” Morales noted that there was simply no better way to showcase this than by featuring some of the most premium vehicles in the electric car segment today. The artist further stated that since becoming friends with the Tesla Club So-Cal president (she sings the chorus of the song) and the Tesla community, he had become an avid enthusiast of the electric cars himself.

“There is nothing more steezy than 12 Tesla cars in a music video. We were very excited to incorporate Tesla vehicles in our video, and we will definitely be featuring more (of the cars) in the near future,” he said.

Tesla owners from South California band together for a music video.

The hip-hop artist added that he is currently working on his next project, one that “completely focus(es) on Tesla vehicles.” The upcoming track, titled “Let’s Ride,” is set for release sometime in the middle of summer, 2018. Ultimately, Morales noted that he, together with Morrise and other active members of the Tesla community, just love sharing their love for premium electric cars.

“We love Teslas and are excited to share our love for them within our art,” he said.

Tesla vehicles are saturating the entertainment industry, with TV series such as Silicon Valley and movies such as James Franco’s Why Him in 2016 heavily featuring the Model S. In 2017’s Cars 3, Pixar opted to base Natalie Certain, a statistical analyst, on the Tesla Model S as well. In Hollywood, the number of celebrities driving Teslas are ever-increasing, with music giants such as Will.I.Am and Kanye West driving around in their luxury all-electric sedans. West even described his Model S P100D as the “funnest car (I’ve) ever driven.”

In a lot of ways, the popularity of Teslas in the entertainment industry stands directly parallel to Elon Musk’s own rock star celebrity status. Musk, after all, is one of the most well-known tech entrepreneurs today, with his work in his companies such as SpaceX and Tesla gaining him the moniker of the “real-life Tony Stark.” Musk appears to be completely comfortable with comparisons to the Marvel character. Just recently, Musk courted a fresh wave of Iron Man references after he announced that the next-generation Tesla Roadster would feature an Augmented Mode that will help drivers operate the car, which will make the driving experience akin to “flying a metal suit.”

Watch Morales’s new track in the video below.