Bill Cosby Is ‘Off The Rails’ After Abruptly Firing Entire Legal Team, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Earlier this week, Bill Cosby fired the legal team that had worked with him since August 2017, marking the fourth time the embattled comedian changed legal representation in three years. A new report, however, looked behind the alleged motivation behind Cosby’s decision — “irrational” anger over their inability to file an appeal, despite Pennsylvania law not allowing it before sentencing.

Radar Online, which previously alleged that Cosby’s wife of 54 years, Camille, had left him and might be contemplating divorce, wrote on Friday that the 80-year-old entertainment veteran was acting “irrationally” and had “gone off the rails” when he fired his legal team, which was led by Tom Mesereau, who had previously represented the late Michel Jackson, and former California prosecutor Kathleen Bliss.

Citing an unnamed source, Radar Online wrote that Cosby was angry because his legal team did not file an immediate appeal, which is not allowed under Pennsylvania law until sentencing.

“He was also upset when they told him they couldn’t guarantee he’d be allowed to remain free during the appeal,” the source alleged.

Among other accusations, Radar Online’s source claimed that Bill Cosby “snapped” at his lawyers for a number of reasons, such as using local jurors that were supposedly close to the judge and other authorities, and not building up a rapport with an African-American juror. All in all, the source alleged that Cosby fired his lawyers because he felt they could have done more to “cause another mistrial.”

“He accused them of not connecting with the black male juror and allowing one juror to stay on after he had said Cosby was guilty even before the trial.”

Prior to the new report suggesting that Bill Cosby went “off the rails” when he angrily sacked his legal team, Radar Online alleged that the comedian and his wife, Camille, are headed toward divorce, as Camille had supposedly left the Cosby family’s Pennsylvania mansion for their home in Massachusetts. As noted by a previous report from the Inquisitr, Radar Online claimed that Camille is also selling off her husband’s properties to cover previous legal expenses.

As previously reported by Deadline, Bill Cosby replaced his legal team with Pennsylvania attorney Joseph P. Green Jr., with three months remaining before his expected sentencing, which will follow a two-day hearing scheduled on September 24 and 25. He has been on house arrest since he was convicted on April 26 of sexually assaulting former Temple basketball administrator Andrea Constand in 2004.