UFC News: Joe Rogan Believes CM Punk ‘Does Not Have Athletic Talent,’ Likens Him To A ‘Puppy’

Jim YoungAP Images

CM Punk’s second straight loss to start his MMA career has many believing that his time in UFC is over, but some have even stronger opinions. The loss at this past weekend’s UFC 225 event was not as bad as his first one, but president Dana White pretty much said that it would be CM Punk‘s last time in his octagon. Now, a longtime UFC commentator has decided to speak his mind on Punk’s fights and he didn’t hold anything back.

The first time he stepped into the ring, CM Punk lost in under two minutes to Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Since that time, many wondered if he would ever get a second fight and he finally did against Mike Jackson, but he lost this one by unanimous decision when all was said and done.

As fans wonder what his future may hold in UFC, the MMA world, WWE, or anywhere else, a lot of people are speaking out about the two fights he has had. Joe Rogan spoke about Punk on this week’s episode of his JRE Clips podcast where he was very candid and seriously opinionated on the former WWE Champion.

While many have had their fair share of opinions about CM Punk aka Phil Brooks, Rogan’s comments may have been the harshest…both before and after the fight.


Things likely weren’t made better after the fight when Rogan went in, interviewed Jackson, and went to interview Punk who walked out of the octagon.

Joe Rogan didn’t only insult CM Punk, but he went as far as to say that he has no athletic ability and he only looked good in WWE because wrestling is scripted.

“He’s [Punk] a very nice guy and he’s a hard worker, but…he does not have athletic talent. He’s missing….he’s a showman, and when he was in the WWE, he was allowed to say, ‘I am the f**king man!’ And throw his hand up in the air and say he is the man, and they had it scripted so that he was the man.”

“But when you’re in there with a guy like Mike Jackson, who had zero fear of him and was just so casual, popping him in the face anytime he wanted to…he literally could’ve stopped him anytime. If he got angry and wanted to stop him, he could’ve at any point in the fight.”

Rogan said that seeing the former wrestler in the octagon was like a pitbull and a “puppy” together in a cage.

As reported by 411 Mania, Rogan continued on to say that there were some guys who enter into MMA, train for a few weeks, and they perform better in the octagon than CM Punk. He believes the football players or track and field guys pick up things a lot faster.

Rogan stated that it is all in Punk’s approach and intensity and ability as he believes it has nothing to do with his coaching since Duke Roufus has been training him.


CM Punk has been rather quiet on social media since he lost the fight to Mike Jackson, but he did thank his opponent after it was all over. No one really knows what Punk is going to do from this point on, but guys like Joe Rogan obviously feel as if UFC and anywhere in the MMA world is not for him. It could be that he lands back in WWE or another wrestling ring somewhere, but he’s going to have to prove his athletic ability in some form or fashion.