‘Southern Charm’ Theater: Matt Bomer Plays Kathryn Dennis, Adding Humor To The Hilton Head Scene

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While the Southern Charm scenes from the Hilton Head trip left many fans with PTSD, Andy Cohen is striving to find some humor in the Daufuskie Island throwdown between star Kathryn Dennis and the Season 5 girlfriend of her ex Thomas Ravenel. The tirade had the sometimes girlfriend of Thomas taunting Dennis, saying that she sees the couple’s kids more than Kathryn. The attack was beyond the pale and firmly put most fans on the side of the mother of the Ravenel kids.

Decider shared a video on Watch What Happens Live where guests Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells play Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel’s girlfriend, complete with appropriately colored wigs, reenacting the historical Southern Charm scene. Andy Cohen gave the actors the hint that this scene was so heavy, it needed a bit of levity.

“This is a vile scene but I know that you’re going to bring some humor to it.”

So began the scene from Playhouse Theater that involved cursing and hair flipping.

But Rannells managed to get laughs even when he snarked that as Ravenel’s sidekick, he sees the kids more than Matt Bomer’s character.

“I see those children more than you see them.”

Too bad Andy couldn’t cast someone as Whitney and Chelsea to be background players.

Contrast the humor of this Southern Charm themed trip to Watch What Happens Live with the last time Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover were with Andy Cohen in the clubhouse, and it seems like finally even Cohen has calmed down enough to talk about the battle between Ravenel’s ex and current girlfriends.

When Kathryn and Craig popped by, they admitted that they really couldn’t talk about Thomas and his legal problems with accusations of rape and sexual assault. Kathryn admitted that attacks from Ravenel’s girlfriend had left her emotionally drained. Kathryn warned everyone that everything would change in the Hilton Head episodes and she was right.

On the ferry from Daufuskie to Hilton Head, even Ravenel got in on the battle, screaming at Chelsea Meissner, and siding with his girlfriend who started all of the drama.

In an effort to lighten things up, Andy asked Kathryn and Craig if they would ever date, considering both were single, and both seemed to indicate that they had almost a sibling relationship.

“Andy continued, asking whether Kathryn and Craig would ever date, and both would say that the two are friends. Andy asked Craig about cheaters, but it was Kathryn’s face that said everything, and if you could read her mind, she was definitely thinking about her cheating ex.”