What We Learned From ‘Southern Charm’s’ Kathryn & Craig’s On ‘WWHL’

Tonight on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, his guests were Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover. The show opened with Cohen giving Kathryn and Craig the opportunity to make a statement about the investigation into co-star Thomas Ravenel, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault on two women, including the Ravenel family nanny, Dawn.

Kathryn, whose long red tresses are back, was diplomatic, saying that she would wait to see what the investigation shakes out and that her main concern is her children. Craig unconvincingly said that all he knows was what he has read in the news so that he has nothing more to add.

Andy continued, asking whether Kathryn and Craig would ever date, and both would say that the two are friends. Andy asked Craig about cheaters, but it was Kathryn’s face that said everything, and if you could read her mind, she was definitely thinking about her cheating ex.

The sneak peek for the next episode of Southern Charm teased the Hilton Head crazy that’s coming up on the Thursday night episode. It’s unclear if it’s editing or if Thomas’ plus one really goes from zero to 60 on the nutty scale, but it’s safe to say there is some yelling going down.

More than anything, Kathryn says that she finds Ravenel’s girlfriend “emotionally draining,” and that after their first lunch when Kathryn sent her a brief text, the plus one sent back a novel. Kathryn has promised that “everything will change” on Thursday night when Ravenel’s girlfriend shows the other Charmers her true colors.

Andy Cohen next asked Kathryn what she thinks about the breakup of J.D. and Liz after the cheating rumors and Kathryn begrudgingly said that she doesn’t think that Liz should take J.D. back.

A good part of their appearance on WWHL involved Craig talking about his ex Naomie and what happened to their relationship. Even though Craig had previously told People Magazine that he was happy that Naomie was dating someone new, he still seemed bitter when talking about her and her old nose with Andy Cohen.

Naomie Olindo, Craig’s ex, recently made her relationship with Dr. Metul Shah public on Instagram, which Craig admitted was a bit awkward.

“I knew him before. It’s what she wanted. She wanted someone with, like, a very structured job, with a real job. Her making it official was weird, but they had been together for a while.”

Conover added on WWHL that he plans to keep his next relationship very private.

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