'General Hospital' Spoilers: Both Carly & Peter Are Begging For Help While Kevin Makes Promises & Nina Softens

Life is rough right now for a couple of Port Charles residents, but the latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that help might be on the way. Obrecht has been torturing Peter while she has him hidden away, but Nina is struggling to stick with the plan. In addition, Carly is having a difficult time in Ferncliff and she is asking Kevin for help. What can fans expect from the episode set to air on Friday, June 15?

Previews shared by the show on Twitter detail that Peter will beg Nina for help. Even Nina can see that Obrecht is taking things too far and may not be able to stop herself before killing Peter. He knows that Nina has intervened or hesitated over Liesl's plans before, and he'll plead with her to help him before it's too late.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will be showing some compassion during Friday's episode. Will she soften enough to stop Obrecht from doing further harm to Peter, or will she perhaps even consider letting him go?

It's not known yet how long this situation will continue, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that during the week of June 18 Liesl will be cautious to ensure she doesn't create any suspicion. Some have speculated that Kim and Julian's camping excursion may bring them close to where Peter is being held, potentially giving him another opportunity to draw in some help, but viewers will have to tune in to see if that becomes the case.

Carly is also desperate for help as she struggles to maintain her sanity at Ferncliff. She is being forced to take anti-psychotic medications, which are messing with her ability to keep track of what's happening. She caught a glimpse of Jason in his new janitorial job that he took to be able to get close to her, but she's not sure if she can trust what she's seen.

Kevin is paying Carly a visit and she's going to be begging him to help her. Some have wondered if Kevin might be up to something sinister in this instance, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he'll do his best to reassure Carly and guide her to a more secure existence.

General Hospital spoilers on Twitter from Frank Valentini, executive producer for the soap, declare that Finn and Anna will decide they're ready to go public with their relationship. Friday's episode also brings a heart-to-heart between Drew and Oscar, where the teen admits that he's uncomfortable with Kim dating Julian because he wishes his mom was dating Drew.

Sonny will try to pry information about the Croton situation from Mike and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Mike will do his best to tell his son what's locked away in his memories. Viewers know that there are big developments on the way, including a big shift with the character of Dante, and additional spoilers will be emerging on this front soon. Stay tuned for new teasers as they become available and don't miss a minute of the drama coming up on Friday's episode of General Hospital.