Lance Armstrong to ‘Dancing With The Stars’: No Thanks

Lance Armstrong has turned down an offer to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars this year. In fact, Armstrong has reportedly declined to appear on the show several times.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a spokesman for the disgraced cyclist confirmed the request from the ABC show:

“Lance has been offered the show each and every year since its inception. Although flattered he has passed on their generous offers.”

Armstrong’s recent admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs apparently hasn’t undermined his marketability according to EOnline:

“Show insiders tell us DWTS is interested in casting him now more than ever, after his headline-grabbing Oprah Winfrey interview, in which he admitted to doping. ‘The higher-ups feel he is exactly what the show needs to bring back viewers,’ says one source.”

Because the ratings for the recent installment of Dancing With the Stars (All-Stars) evidently fell off, the show’s producers are courting a so-called “more sensational and youthful” cast next time around.

According to the CafeMom website, Lance (which, as noted, rhymes with dance) is missing a big opportunity:

“Lance has been banned from competing in just about everything. Hell, I bet he couldn’t even get into my company’s ping pong tournament. This is his ONE CHANCE to compete. It’s this or hot dogs on Coney Island. C’mon man, you know you want it.”

If you’re a fan of Dancing With the Stars, do you think that former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong should join the cast and, if so, would he boost viewership?