Do Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift Have Bad Blood?

Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift could not be any more different from one another these days, but music's biggest stars are reportedly in a feud.

According to celebrity gossip blogs and tabloids, country queen Miranda Lambert and pop queen Taylor Swift have been feuding for years. Lambert was very willing to share the stage with the "Bad Blood" singer during her 1989 World Tour. Lambert's team thought it was perfect timing for the singers to collaborate on her hit song "Little Red Wagon" in wake of her recent divorce.

That rumor did become true. Miranda made a surprise appearance at Taylor Swift's October 21 concert, so that they could sing "Little Red Wagon" together. You can check out the video below for yourself.

But that won't stop the tabloids from thinking that Swift and Lambert are in a feud. The November 16 issue of OK! Magazine claims that the two blonde singers have been having backstage fights for years. The alleged insider told the tabloid that Lambert took off after performing with her peer on stage. Lambert's team just wanted her to collaborate with Swift for PR reasons.
"They cannot stand each other. Miranda jetted out right after the show…They barely said a word to each other. [Taylor] thinks Miranda is a bully that will stomp all over anyone to get their way. She's seen and heard about Miranda's dark side many times, and that's not the kind of friend she wants in her life."
The insider went on to say that Lambert would've been happier to stay home and watch Netflix, but her team has been pushing her to collaborate with Swift in order to change her image.
"They've been in overdrive since her divorce from Blake Shelton and the backlash of the rumors that she cheated. Miranda's had to do a bunch of stuff she wouldn't normally do for the sake of repairing her image…Who better to place her with than America's golden girl?"
The anonymous source also said that Lambert wasn't fond of Swift's friendship with Blake Shelton. That's what drove a wedge between them. "Taylor adores Blake in a big-brother way. She's always been closer to him, and Miranda hated that," the insider added.

However, it didn't seem like Swift and Lambert were at odds with each other that night. The 31-year-old tweeted the 25-year-old singer after the show, "You are a bad a**! Amazing show! #inspired." Swift reciprocated by sharing several photos and videos of their performance on social media.

Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert
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But it looks like this report is just another story that's been created out of thin air with no official sources or proof to back it up. According to the Gossip Cop, the OK! Magazine report is nothing but a "complete lie." This isn't the first time that the magazine has created drama between Swift and one of her peers. Back in April 2015, the magazine claimed that Swift and Lorde were feuding over a duet they collaborated on in the recording studio. The famous singers took to Twitter to mock the feud.

How does Gossip Cop know that this new report is a lie? Well, the gossip-busting news site reached out to both Swift and Lambert's camps, who insist that the blonde beauties are good friends. If there were any truth to the rumors, then Lambert would have probably denied Swift's invite to her 1989 World Tour. In addition, Swift probably wouldn't have invited Lambert in the first place.

Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert
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The last time that the ladies supported each other was back in September of this year. Miranda shared this cute clip of herself and her friends singing a cover of "Bad Blood" into random objects She captioned the short video, "We challenge @taylorswift to a #glamjam."

Taylor Swift never responded to Lambert's challenge, but that doesn't mean anything. She's on a major world tour! It's obvious that the singers-songwriters adore and support one another.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert are really feuding, or that they're good friends?

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