Thomas Ravenel’s ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Girlfriend Requested A Different Hotel Than The Cast


Information is starting to leak out surrounding the Southern Charm reunion shoot in NYC this week. The cast has now returned to South Carolina, but per usual, there was high drama when Charleston came to town. But the drama started before the cast even landed in New York. Cast member Thomas Ravenel was banned from the reunion largely based on the investigation into charges of rape and sexual harassment. Ravenel couldn’t go, but his girlfriend from the current season was eager to attend.

PageSix says that Ravenel’s girlfriend made requests for the reunion before she ever set foot in NYC. Chelsea Hirsch of PageSix says that Thomas’ plus-one wanted to stay away from the rest of the cast.

“We’re also told Jacobs requested to stay at a different hotel than the rest of the cast for the two nights that they were filming the reunion in New York.”

While awaiting her 15 minutes on the Southern Charm reunion couch, Ravenel’s self-described “Cali Girl” continued the theme of staying away from the cast and was reportedly kept company by Bravo employees.

Andy Cohen, who is a veteran of many reunions, said he was wiped out by this one.

“I taped the Southern Charm reunion today … and it was intensely dramatic which is why I have droopy everything tonight. Ashley was there. It was really something.”

Among the things Ravenel’s girlfriend wanted to discuss was her dramatic weight loss. Over the course of the season, she posts regularly on social media and many fans have asked if she was ill.

“The hospice care nurse also explained her recent weight loss, telling Andy Cohen that life’s stresses got the best of her and she’s determined to get healthier.”

While the rest of the cast socialized while in NYC, Ravenel’s girlfriend spent her time with Bravo employees she referred to as her friends on Instagram. After the reunion wrapped, she shared a photo which was captioned, “I survived.”


But fans of Southern Charm are still questioning whether Thomas Ravenel and his Santa Barbara girlfriend are still together. Neither party has posted a photo of the two together in a month, but last night, Ravenel’s girlfriend posted a photo on Instagram blocking all comments. While she didn’t allege the photo was new, it obviously wasn’t. At this time in Charleston, the days have been averaging 90 degrees, yet both Ravenel and his plus-one are wearing long sleeves and dressed for winter, cuddling on the sofa. To top it off, the girlfriend is wearing shearling Ugg-style boots.

What won’t come as a surprise to most fans of the hit Bravo show? Ravenel’s girlfriend reportedly blamed everyone and everything else for her volatile behavior this season and hopes to return for Season 6.