Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Reportedly Disagree About Having More Children

Theo WargoGetty Images

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott reportedly can’t agree on when and if to have more children. The couple, who are already the parents of 4-month-old daughter Stormi Webster, are allegedly disagreeing on the issue.

According to a June 13 report by Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner wants to wait to have more children. The young reality TV star allegedly wants more time to recuperate from being pregnant the first time, but Travis Scott is said to want more children in the near future.

Sources tell the outlet that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are “fighting” about having more children and that Scott wants another baby “right away.”

“Kylie and Travis are fighting about having more kids. They can’t agree on timing. While Travis wants another baby right away, Kylie wants to wait a little while longer before she endures another pregnancy. They both want a big family but the disagreement about when is creating tension in the relationship,” an insider claims.

In addition to Kylie Jenner wanting more time in between pregnancies, the makeup mogul reportedly doesn’t want any more kids in the near future due to Travis Scott’s hectic work schedule. Sources claim that Scott is often gone and that Jenner does the majority of the work when it comes to taking care of baby Stormi. Kylie has allegedly told her baby daddy that when he slows down his work, she’ll considering getting pregnant again.

“Travis is working a lot too and with him gone a lot of the time, Kylie feels like she is the one doing a lot of the caring for Stormi. So the last thing she wants to do right now is be left alone with two kids while he works. Kylie told him when he slows down with work, then she will consider giving Stormi a brother or sister,” the insider added.

Sources close to the couple also reveal that while Kylie and Travis have been going strong since the birth of baby Stormi, Jenner would like to be at least engaged to Scott before getting pregnant again. The insider claims that Kylie has told Travis that she will not have any more kids with him unless he puts a ring on her finger.

Kylie Jenner’s goal is to reportedly have a big family with only one baby daddy. However, because she is still so young, she is allegedly in “no rush” to get pregnant again.