‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska Involved In Confrontation With Adam Lind’s Mom Before Court Hearing

Chelsea Houska is seen telling her father, Randy Houska, about the outcome of her latest court hearing with Adam Lind in a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2.

On June 11, Two Paragraphs shared a preview of the show in which Houska was seen getting emotional about her court victory against Lind before breaking down about an incident between her and Lind’s mom at court.

“His mom was really mean,” Houska told her dad. “She tried to confront me before court. And I told her I was uncomfortable talking before, and she told me to grow up.”

Houska and Lind have been at odds over the custody of their daughter for some time and because of the ongoing rumors regarding Lind’s alleged drug use, Houska had recently grown concerned for Aubree’s safety. So, rather than allowing Lind to have full rights to their child, Houska requested that Lind be required to see Aubree only at a court-selected visitation center.

During their recent court date, Houska was granted that request and was also given the right to change Aubree’s last name from Aubree Lind to Aubree Lind-DeBoer. As fans well know, DeBoer is Houska’s married name and she’s been wanting to change Aubree’s last name so she can feel like she’s truly part of their growing family.

After telling her father she was able to change her daughter’s last name, Houska told Randy she was planning to surprise Aubree with the news on a cake.

On Instagram, Houska recently shared a photo from that moment.


Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have been showcasing their lives together for the last few seasons of Teen Mom 2 and soon, they will be seen welcoming their second child, the third for Houska, together. As fans well know, Houska and DeBoer welcomed their first child, son Watson, in January of last year after tying the knot just months prior.

While it is unclear how much of Houska’s third pregnancy will be seen on Teen Mom 2, the reality star has been chronicling a ton of special moments for her fans and followers on Instagram. She’s also revealed her third child is a baby girl and posted a number of photos of her growing baby bump on her page.

To see more of Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and their growing family, don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 8B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.