Larry Kudlow Takes A Jab At Justin Trudeau For ‘Betraying’ Donald Trump

After the conclusion of the G7 summit in Quebec on Sunday, President Donald Trump and his top economic advisers hurled a barrage of insults at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, during an appearance on CNN‘s State of the Union, said that Trudeau’s remarks at a press conference after the G7 summit amounted to a “betrayal,” while Peter Navarro, a Trump trade official, said there was a “special place in hell” for foreign leaders who double-cross Trump.

On Sunday, after the summit, Trudeau held a press conference in which he spoke about American trade policies. Sharply criticizing Trump’s remarks on tariffs, Trudeau promised that Canada would answer with its own on July 1 unless the U.S. reversed course.

Prime Minister Trudeau also announced that all members of the G7 had signed a joint communique. On Saturday, en route to Singapore, President Trump tweeted that the United States will not endorse the communique.

According to the Independent, the communique stated that the G7 nations need to evaluate international trade rules and develop new ones, if necessary, going forward to ensure an equal trading playing field.

The G7 countries, in the communique, “acknowledge free, fair, and mutually beneficial trade is a key engine for growth and jobs,” and commits these nations to modernize the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The joint statement between the leaders of the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Japan, Italy, and Canada comes after President Trump refused to back down from his decision to impose international tariffs on goods, including steel and aluminum imports.

Kudlow argued that Trudeau’s press conference criticisms of Trump’s trade tariffs were inappropriate because of Trump’s upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un and because they represented a shift from the more cooperative work that had been done to form the communique from the seven nations.

“You just don’t behave that way, OK? It is a betrayal, OK? He is essentially double-crossing — not just double-crossing President Trump, but the other members of the G-7, who were working together and pulling together this communique,” Kudlow said.

“President Trump played that process in good faith. So, I ask you, he gets up in the airplane and leaves. And then Trudeau starts blasting him in a domestic news conference? I’m sorry. It is a betrayal. That is a double-cross,” he said.

Meanwhile, Navarro, in an appearance on Fox News Sunday, said that Trudeau’s comments are “one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history.”

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