Christian Navarro Connects With His ’13 Reasons Why Character’ With New Song, ‘Hello Again’

Christian Navarro has recorded a love letter to Hannah. The 26-year-old 13 Reasons Why star, who plays Tony Padilla on the Netflix hit, has just released the music video to the song “Hello Again.” Navarro told Billboard that the duet, which was released earlier this year, helped him find “a better way” into the headspace of his bad boy 13 Reasons Why character.

Christian Navarro teamed up with his former college classmate, singer-songwriter Evangelia, for the song about Tony Padilla’s unresolved feelings for Hannah Baker, the tragic character played by Katherine Langford who ended her life in the first season of the series. Navarro told Billboard how the 13 Reasons Why-inspired song with Evangelia came to be.

“We were FaceTime-ing each other while I was in the middle of filming Season Two [of 13 Reasons Why] and I was discussing how time passes between Season One and Season Two, and I needed a better way into my character,” Navarro said of Evangelia. “She suggested we write a song about it.”

The singer explained that she wanted to create something with her longtime friend Christian Navarro to help him get into his 13 Reasons Why character’s headspace before filming the second season of the smash hit series.

“We talked about the core emotions of his character and then started writing lines that reflected that [and] before we knew it we had a melody too,” Evangelia explained. “While the song was written about Tony, the emotions he goes through are universal. We realized we had created something special and decided to make a fully produced version to share with the world.”

The lyric-laden video features a young actress who looks suspiciously like Hannah Baker as well as haunting words that will resonate with diehard fans of the thirteen-episode series.

Last summer, Christian Navarro teased the early stages of “Hello Again.” According to Entertainment Weekly, the 13 Reasons Why star posted a video on his Instagram that featured him singing alongside Evangelia, whom he met when they were in school at Rutgers University.

“What began as a casual jam session ended up offering a glimpse into Tony’s mind,” Christian wrote.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Christian Navarro didn’t rule out the possibility of bringing his music to 13 Reasons Why, although he admitted the prospect was “completely” out of his hands. Christian also said he was grateful for Evangelia’s help with writing the song and recording it alongside him.

“I would love for that to be a possibility,” Christian told Yahoo of producing an original song for 13 Reasons Why. “Maybe it’ll work its way into the show. It was something that was intimate and done for me to get into character. I wanted to sit down and write something that would allow me to step through the in-between of the seasons, and Evangelia helped me with the song. I can carry a tune, but I’m not particularly musically inclined, so I was so blessed to have her there with me.”

Now, with a third season of 13 Reasons Why already given a green light by Netflix, let’s hope there will be more Tony Padilla theme songs in the future.

You can see the music video for Christian Navarro’s song, “Hello Again,” below.

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