Khloe Kardashian Said To Be ‘Nervous’ For Tristan Thompson Ahead Of NBA Finals Game 3, According To Report

Khloe Kardashian is said to be on edge about her baby daddy’s upcoming Game 3 of the NBA Finals and it’s being reported that she feels that the couple’s relationship depends on him winning. According to the Hollywood Life, the 33-year-old mother of one is said to be feeling nervous when it comes to Tristan Thompson’s make-or-break game of the NBA finals on June 6. Of course, Khloe wants Thompson to win and is said to be hoping he takes home a W for the sake of the couple’s strained relationship.

“Khloe is extremely nervous and anxious about Tristan’s upcoming game,” an insider reportedly dished to Hollywood Life. “She’s so emotionally invested, this isn’t just a game for her, in her mind their whole relationship could depend on him winning. If he loses, it could potentially be devastating for them as a couple because Khloe fears Tristan will subconsciously blame her for the loss. As stupid as the Kardashian curse rumors are they have an impact. People taunt Tristan about them and Khloe’s terrified he’s secretly going to hold it against her, or resent her unfairly if he loses and the Kardashian curse gets blamed. She’s praying night and day that he wins.”

Tristan is set to head into Game 3 alongside his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates on Wednesday, June 6. The team is obviously hoping they can secure a win against the Golden State Warriors after losing the first two games. The game is set to take place in Cleveland hopefully bringing some much-needed luck and morale to the Cavaliers.

It’s not completely clear if Khloe will be cheering on Thompson from the courtside seats or at home in her living room as it was previously reported by the Inquisitr that Khloe was allegedly banned by Tristan from attending his basketball games. According to a June 6 report by Radar Online, with Tristan and Khloe’s relationship still being rocky already following Tristan’s cheating scandal in April, sources told the outlet that Tristan takes his career very seriously, and when he’s feeling stressed, seeing Khloe at the games only adds to his uneasiness. In addition to Khloe’s presence supposedly stressing out Tristan, players from the other team allegedly love to trash talk Thompson and will often bring up Khloe’s name. “Tristan told Khloe not to come to his game tonight in Cleveland. He’s stressed out and seeing her at the game would only add to that. Whenever Khloe’s at his games, he can’t focus. [Other] players especially love talk trash to him on the court about her and he’s not needing all these distractions,” the source revealed.

“They’re in this fragile stage where if someone says the wrong thing the other will blow up. He wants to work things out with Khloe. But he wants to focus on that when the [NBA season is] over.”

Fans will get to see how Game 3 of the NBA Finals pans out and if Khloe will make an appearance on June 6 at 9 p.m.