WWE News: Enzo Amore And Colin Cassady Coming Up From NXT To Rival The New Day?

The New Day are the current WWE Tag Team Champions, and have been killing it for some time. While they do qualify as heels, people still cheer for them and absolutely love them. It should come as no surprise that people are wanting to cheer a great act. The issue is that you have to make sure any babyface team is not held back as a result. To give them proper opponents that people will want to see on top, you have to potentially use a team that people love more than The New Day.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is happy with New Day in a big way. They feel New Day has done everything asked of them, and the team was able to get over when it didn't look very promising for the gimmick itself. The idea going into this next month was that New Day would face off with The Uso brothers. Jimmy and Jey Uso came back in a major way, and WWE felt that it would potentially be better for New Day to drop the WWE Tag Team Titles to them over The Dudley Boyz, who WWE considered for one last tag title run.

The main reason the Dudley's aren't getting the titles is mainly due to the Uso return, but also due to how well The New Day has done. Vince McMahon reportedly made the call for The New Day to retain pretty late into the rivalry. WWE feels that they can have more momentum as tag champions over Bubba Ray and Devon for now. Do not be surprised if the Dudley Boyz do get one last run with the tag titles, though. Meanwhile, The Usos are more than likely to get a run with the tag titles before too long.

Enzo, Cass, Carmella NXT
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WWE also considered Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady for a rivalry with The New Day. In fact, it was penciled in. The problem came about when Colin found himself injured. The idea, according to experts, was that both Enzo and Big Cass were set for a main roster debut at any point, and they even were pushed out of NXT programming plans due to that fact. The problem was the injury. With Cass going down, WWE won't debut Carmella or Enzo Amore on the main roster when the money is in the tag team of Cass and Enzo.

This mean we could see Enzo Amore and Carmella on NXT programming in random rivalries for the next few months while they wait for Big Cass to heal up.

Meanwhile, on the main roster, we can expect The New Day to be involved in the WWE Tag Team Title scene for some time, whether they are the champs or chasing. Many believe that with injuries plaguing the WWE roster, New Day has a bigger chance to be part of top stories through the rest of 2015 and into 2016. It wouldn't surprise most now to see them main event some shows, but also main event a PPV.

Enzo and Cass entrance
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When it comes to Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella, there is a thought that we could see them right after WrestleMania 32. It really depends on Cass and how he recovers. At one point, it was thought he would be out for several weeks, which made some assume that a Royal Rumble appearance wouldn't be too far away. WWE could always have them debut the night after on WWE RAW, as well.

However, due to the injury seeming worse, according to reports, those plans might have shifted. There's also some who claim the injury was not as bad, but are saying WWE wants to leave doubt so that a return will be unexpected and get a good pop or surprise whenever they decide to do it. We will have to see what comes. At the end of the day, an Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady team against The New Day just screams good television.

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