Teenager Dies After Shark Rips Off His Penis In Beachside Attack, Horrified Onlookers Unable To Save Him

A Brazilian man swimming on a beach was killed when a shark attacked, ripping off his penis and part of his leg.

The incident happened on the country’s northeastern coast near the city of Recife, on a popular beach. The man, 18-year-old Jose Ernestor da Silva, was swimming in the ocean when lifeguards told him to move closer to the shore. As the Sun reported, the shark attacked just as the teen started to move closer.

The teenager was able to make it back to shore after the bloody attack, and other beachgoers captured video showing people trying to stem the bleeding by tying strips of clothing over the wound. Jose was rushed to a hospital but died of the wounds he suffered.

Doctors said the teenager’s penis and femur were both amputated by the tiger shark.

The teen’s mother told a local Brazilian newspaper that she didn’t know her sons had gone to the beach that day, and only found out about the tragic accident when the teen’s brother called to tell her the news. The beach was known for shark attacks, and the mother said she did not want her sons swimming there. A similar attack two months ago left a swimmer in critical condition.

“He would go in secret because he knew that I thought it was dangerous. I wasn’t worried because I thought he was somewhere around the house,” she said. “When I heard about it I went crazy, all the neighbors heard me screaming.”

In April, another swimmer lost a leg in a gruesome shark attack in Brazil that was also caught on video. As the Express reported, other swimmers were able to fight off the shark, but by then the damage was done.

Maria Lourenço, a local merchant who works at the beach, said the April attack was one of many violent shark attacks to take place there.

“They tried to alert people in the water and particularly this man, who was near where the shark appeared. But he didn’t have time to get out of the water before he was attacked many times,” the merchant said. “I’ve been working on this beach for 25 years and during this time I have witnessed a number of ferocious attacks. It was horrible to see. Each time it is very frightening and sad.”

The teenager who was killed in this week’s shark attack was in one of the most dangerous stretches of the Brazilian coast, the Sun reported. More than 80 percent of all shark attacks took place in an 18-mile section centered around where his death occurred.