Jenelle Evans Files Assault Charges Against Husband Courtland Rogers

The ongoing battle between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband Courtland Rogers is heating up.

Shortly after stating on Twitter that she would be filing for divorce from her husband of less than two months, Evans went to the magistrate in North Carolina and filed four charges of assault on a female and one charge of battery on an unborn child, RadarOnline reports.

Rogers denied the charges against him, telling Radar, “I did not hit my wife. This is not true at all.”

A source close to Evans, however, says that the 21-year-old has bruises on her face which she claimed are from the alleged assault.

On Twitter, Rogers wrote that he has never hurt Evans. He also tweeted that he had gone to Michigan to see his best friend’s grave because he doesn’t “have much longer on this earth” and there are things he has to do. Shortly after, he tweeted that his health “is not well at all.” Rogers lamented that Evans accused him of cheating and said that he has always been the best man he could be for her.

Apparently Evans doesn’t see it that way, as she tweeted screenshots of texts sent to her by Rogers’ ex, Taylor Lewis. In the texts, Lewis says that Rogers came to stay with her and their daughter in a hotel, and that she had no idea Evans was pregnant. Lewis says she is also pregnant and that Rogers needs to “man up” or else she will be seeing him in court. Evans also denied that Rogers was sick in any way and said that he just wanted pity.

Like really? U didn’t cheat on me though? Lmao yr hand writing not mind.…

— Jenelle Rogers (@PBandJenelley_1) January 23, 2013

Wow ladies coming out of the wood work left and right telling me how unfaithful he was being, omfg….

— Jenelle Rogers (@PBandJenelley_1) January 23, 2013


— Jenelle Rogers (@PBandJenelley_1) January 23, 2013

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